A new strain of coronavirus found in the UK

Nowadays, coronavirus has become a part of our livelihood. It has been almost a year since it arrived in the world and is spreading from one person to the other. Hopes are seeming to be losing that this pandemic is going to end soon. However, we all are resuming our life the way we use to live in the Pre-Covid years. We all have become casuals in our lifestyle being busy in our work. It is such that we forgot the seriousness of this ongoing pandemic. The updated version of coronavirus was found this December which may be going to affect our 2021 tooNew strain of coronavirus.

About the new strain of coronavirus

The poster on high street Kensington station in London showing the high alert on coronavirus tier 3

A new variant of the novel coronavirus has been found in Britain in early December. It was the cause for the sudden increasing no. of cases. The new variant is growing faster in various parts of England. It is up to 70% more transmissible. Medical departments are carrying out further studies on this new variant. There is no evidence that this new variant is more deadly than the old variant. Officials said vaccines may work against the new variant, but more researchers need to be done.

The samples collected from patients showed that the new strain was giving a disproportionate number of new infections. Experts said that there was some evidence that it could transmit as readily among children as among adults, unlike previous strains. The United Kingdom is now under tougher lockdown.


Showing the cancellation of the flights to London.

The equities fell down on Monday and oil prices rise quickly as concerns about a new coronavirus strain in Britain. Denmark, Italy, and the Netherlands founded cases of the new strain. Australia’s two people who traveled from Britain were positive for the mutated virus. India, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Jordan, and Hong Kong suspended flights to the United Kingdom till 31st December. After knowing about the new variant Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman closed their borders completely.

Several neighboring nations blocked travel and shut their borders from Britain, including France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, and Canada. India has not yet detected the new strain of coronavirus.

Another new Variant from South Africa

Another new genetic mutation of the coronavirus had been discovered on 23rd December and is in the testing process. It is responsible for causing a recent surge in infections there. This is in cases linked to South Africa.

Covid-19 cases are very high in London due to new variant.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “We’ve detected two cases of another new variant. Both are contacts of cases who have traveled from South Africa over the past few weeks.

This new variant is highly concerning. It appears to have mutated further than the new variant discovered in the UK.

Britain is now trying to control the spread of a mutated strain of the coronavirus.  Close contacts of those affected with a new variant and all those who were in South Africa in the recent week are quarantine process. Britain imposed immediate restrictions on travel from or to South Africa.

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