A sigh of relief for Father Swamy, but new problems to arise

Father Stan Swamy received Straw and Sipper

After waiting for months Father Stan Swamy received Straw- Sipper.

On December 5, Father Swamy received Straw and Sipper. Not only Straw, Sipper but wheelchair, walking stick, walker and 2 attendants are provided to Father Swamy.

The National Investigation Agency also affirmed that the latter received the essentials in Taloja Jail.

The Case Till Now 

Read about the complete case Father Stan Swamy Undertrial -Human Rights Violated

Father Swamy’s arrest was in the Bhim Koregaon case and involvement with the Maoists. The 83-year old man is a patient with Parkinson’s Disease. Hence, he filed a petition on November 6.

Already, the National Investigation Agency delayed in responding to the petition by 3 weeks. The decision to the same stretched till December 4. Earlier, the National Investigation Agency denied hold to his belongings and has continued to state the same. The Agency also notified about the investigation that undertook with an independent witness. Resulting in no evidence of straw and sipper.

Now on November 5, finally Fr. Swamy received the essentials as per his health condition. However, new anxiety of his transfer to a new prison surrounds Fr. Swamy.

Furthermore, three new petitions are filed by Stan Swamy. 

Firstly, requesting his bag

Secondly, hard disks’ clone copy

Thirdly, not to transfer him from Taloja Jail.

Father Swamy, a human right activist has suffered delay in receiving his human rights. Important to see is how investigation goes further.

The hearing on these new petitions will be on December 10 by the special court. Previously Mr. Swamy’s petition to bail on medical grounds was denied because his arrest was under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Father Stan Swamy has always fought for human rights. He is a human rights activist. He has shown continuous denial of the allegations. Still has promised support in the investigation. Since October he is under trials. After such ignorance and denial, justice was surely questionable.

Yet justice was delayed but not completely rejected, so important is to see where the case turns to.

Author: Mansi Goel

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