Amazon yet again took its product down: Know why?

There is the latest trend which is going on social media. #BoycottAmazon, yes you read it correctly. In truth, Amazon is selling doormats of Indian Gods and Goddess impressions. Amazon hurt the sentiments of Indians by carving images and symbols of Gods. Hence, #boycottamazon is trending on Twitter lately.

Amazon said that they have removed all the doormats and underwear from their overseas websites. Moreover, users shared screenshots of the doormats and underwear. Thus, making #boycottamazon a hot topic on Twitter.

This image depicts the working of Amazon

We are taking down the products in question,” Amazon said in a statement. “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account.

Despite all these, there was a similar incident that took place in 2017. In addition to it, PM Narendra Modi browbeat to cancel the visas of Amazon employees. The reason being, they were selling doormats printing tricolor flag on it.

“Dear Indians, if your religious feeling has been hurt, register a complaint with cyber police or with the local police station,” Gaurav Goel, a spokesman of BJP tweeted on Tuesday.

Finally, Amazon had to take all the products down.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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