An analysis of factors contributing to negative and positive energy

An attempt to identify factors contributing to positive and negative energy is done here and hope it will give a clear understanding.

The positive energy

The positive energy may be a complex one to see, but it is simple one to follow. We need to keep a sound body and a sound mind and in due course success paves way. Hence by the same positive energy enters us. When we have tasted the success the purpose of positive energy in us gets fulfilled.

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The key factors that bring out positive energy may be

  1. Doing exercise Regularly
  2. Avoiding the negative people
  3. Have a passion and practice it regularly
  4. Train yourself to be motivated
  5. Don’t give way to financial insecurity and always have a plan B regarding finance.

The negative energy

It may be defined as a state of disagree, low energy, exhausted, due to stress, failures or low attitude. Some situations that may contribute to negative energy may be

Unclean or unruly environment while studying or working

A messy work place or study table will definitely increase our stress and makes us unhappy. Hence work we are intended to do won’t go as we planned. Thus will create a negative environment. And also, this will create lag in study and loss in work. Hence the stress level increases letting in more negative energy.


People say out of stress I’m addicted to bad habits like smoke, drink, drugs, etc. The magical formula of positive energy is that, sound body with sound mind which gives success. But these habits damage the main block and in worst case hospitalize us due to over addiction. In one way it affects us and the other way it affects the family either financially or emotionally.

Bad friendship

Children or young adults are mostly affected due to bad choice of friends. Friends are here only to help each other at times of emergency and share the happiness. This is the sign of good friendship. But a bad friend will first cut you off from others and keeps u engaged only with him or her. For the same they will teach you bad habits mentioned above. As soon as you become value less they leave you at vain and disappear. This is a worst case of negative energy, which has already bonded us with bad habits and gives frustration when letting us alone which leads us into depression.

Disturbing person in an office

In office their will be a person who will always discourage the work of others and wanted to establish themselves superior. For their unnecessary ego they will confuse us with false statements and irrelevant information regarding the work. Firstly we should find out that person and the best is to avoid them.

Unnecessary fights between couples

There are numerous reasons why married couples fight and there are enough solutions available in the internet. What we intend to say is a healthy fight within limits and excluding bad habits as said above will never let any negativity enter between them.

Overthinking or fearing about the future or past

Lastly, the one who fears about past or future will never do his chores in the present. This is the ultimate truth. And to overcome this fear and overthinking, one should search for his interests and work on it, go on an outing, chat with friends and do exercise regularly to bring positivity and throw out the negative thought

When a person is bound by expectations

Many in a country like India is bound by expectations about them from others. When one makes himself satisfied against his passion for the sake of others, his whole life will go by fulfilling others satisfaction. This is not the right way to lead a life. Hence one should always have a healthy discussion with their elders and parents while stepping on to the next very big step, the future. One should try to take breaks and practice to be positive in their life


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Encountering negative energy is not a very big tasks with few steps and full determination one can definitely win over the negativity and go to the best side called positive energy. Don’t be the one who wants someone. Be the one who is needed by someone. Pass over all the negative thoughts. Be humble to the ones whom you are with and always spread positivity.

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