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J&K is a part of the Indian Territory; India advises Saudi to Correct it on G20 Banknote

J&K is a part of the Indian Territory; India advises Saudi to Correct it on G20 Banknote

Previously, Saudi Arabia misrepresented a map on its newer version of banknote. It shows Jammu and Kashmir as a distinct territory from the Indian mainland. Contrarily, India indicated serious concerns over this matter. On October 24, to celebrate Saudi’s presidency for hosting the G20 on November 21 & 22, fresh 20 Riyal currency was issued. Apart from that, Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Saud and G20 logo for 2020 highlights on one side. While the other side displays the G20 nations.

Over this, Anurag Srivastava, ministry of external affairs spokesperson said they had brought this in light of Saudi Arabia. They have urged Saudi Arabia to take urgent action in this case.

Clarify the recent penetration of Chinese; Congress Party challenged the Central Government Of India

Recently, the Congress party in Lok Sabha demanded the union authorities make
clear the stats made by former BJP MP from Ladakh. In particular, Chinese troops
have degenerated into the Indian Territory and the Indian soldiers were living
in usual tents under freezing conditions.
The former Lok Sabha MP, Thuptsan Chhewang from Ladakh also claims that
well informed by local people about Chinese troops. While this may be true, they had occupied positions in Finger 2 and 3 of the north financial institution of Pangong Tso.
Moreover, Indian troopers had been dwelling in tents that weren’t sufficient
for them within the sub-zero circumstances.
Consequently, On this information, former congress party president Rahul Gandhi reacted by
tagging the above report in his tweet.

Apple touches Another Milestone in India with its Sales Raised to the Top Level

Apple touches Another Milestone in India with its Sales Raised to the Top Level

Meanwhile, In September, Apple initiated its first online store in India.
According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. its sales surged
to a historic high for the September quarter in India.
Consumer technology giant Apple has finally managed to
twist in India, despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Also, Its sales expanded to a historic record of 800,000 iPhones in 2 nd Quarter.

Infiltration of Indian Territories by Chinese Troops is irrational; Rajnath Singh made clear on behalf of Central Government

Infiltration of Indian Territories by Chinese Troops is irrational; Rajnath Singh made clear on behalf of Central Government

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi delivered his comments concerning the infiltration in India by Chinese troops. In this connection, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh onslaught him through his remarks. Specifically, he made clear about groundless allegations of PLA soldiers penetrating Indian territory.

In one of the interviews, Rajnath remarked that PM Modi and he himself met Indian soldiers after the Galwan valley clash.’All I can say no one would ever try to enter our territory‘.

Furthermore, tactful relationships with China are in progress, Rajnath said.

Urdu Poet Munawwar Rana called for Self-Trouble by showing Support to ‘French Beheading’

If someone makes an offensive caricature of my father or my mother then I will kill him.

If in India someone makes an offensive caricature about our Gods and Goddesses then I will kill him.

The above are the comments of Munawwar Rana, a prominent wordsmith from Uttar Pradesh. As a result, under various sections like 153 A, 295A, 298, and 505 1B he was booked. On top, as per officials from Hazratganj police station (Lucknow), his statements can be harmful to public peace. And, might lead to bitterness among various communities.

Subsequently, Rana stated that his original statements were distorted in a wrongful manner by others.

Oil Descends Reliance’s share; Mukesh Ambani receives a Fall Back of $7 Billion

The supply of India’s most-significant organization shut 8.6% lower in Mumbai on Monday, slipping the most since March 23. It was the day’s most exceedingly terrible entertainer on the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex, which rose 0.4%. The slide additionally shaved down Ambani’s abundance to about $71 billion, as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Dependence’s oil refining unit has languished a dive sought after over transportation fills, with Covid-19 compelling individuals to remain at home. The combination is amidst a change driven by Ambani, as he hopes to transform the oil-and-petrochemicals monster into innovation and computerized administration organization by supporting its telecom and internet business organizations.

The stock is rectifying a piece of its sharp increases enlisted throughout the most recent couple of months, said Arun Kejriwal, originator at KRIS, a venture warning firm in Mumbai. “Presently, the market is reserving its benefits.”

Read the full article at-> Mukesh Ambani receives a fall back of $7 billion

More than 30,000 Tested Positive,700 Doomed Owning to Donald Trump’s Rallies

More than 30,000 Tested Positive,700 Doomed Owning to Donald Trump's Rallies

According to recent research by Stanford University, the above figures came out as a consequence of 18 Trump’s rallies. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), major activities especially the ones in which attendees don’t even care about wearing masks. In particular, these become the risk grounds for forwarding contaminations.

Apart from that, the motivation of this study was to illuminate such types of concerns by involving Trump’s rallies between June 20 and September 30, researchers said.

Subsequently, the US has in excess of 9.38 Million cases with around 231 k Americans had deceased.

PM Modi praises Modern day India Confidence in Market Influence; says, It will be the most favored speculation objective

In his first meeting after the flare-up of the pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ponders the COVID-19 circumstance in India. Moreover, he accepts that the nation has extraordinary open doors later on market broadly just as universally.

‘India is presently in a position where we are fulfilling our homegrown need as well as fit for satisfying the need of different nations.’

PM Modi considers the inquiry regarding the subject of FTA and RCEP. Should India seek after FTAs by any stretch of the imagination? Also, how are the arrangement estimates he proposes to empower India to take this goliath jump?

As per Mr. Modi, 154 greenfield ventures from the US have come to India in 2020, contrasted with 86 in China, 12 in Vietnam, and 15 in Malaysia. This is an away form of worldwide trust in India’s development story going ahead. We have established solid frameworks to make India the principal fabricating objective.

China tells Indian media not to claim Taiwan a Country, Taiwan responds, Be lost

Taiwan’s relation with that China is controversial in terms of
Taiwan’s independence. Moreover, China claims Taiwan as its territory,
while the government of Taiwan has been declaring formal independence

Furthermore, this has annoyed the Chinese who immediately wrote to the
Indian media and called on them not to refer to Taiwan as a nation. The
Chinese embassy sent a letter to Indian media and urged to follow one
china policy and show displeasing by telling do not violate it.

Taiwan strongly reacts to china’s word to Indian media.

Vienna Weapon Attack with the Aid of Islamic State Supporter; breaks a Night Time of Birthday Party

VIENNA — Peering out of a window at Vienna’s precept temple compound on Monday night time, Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister seemed as a shooter commenced shooting at clients within the bars and eateries of the town’s number one nightlife vicinity.

The photographs rang out — many volleys, perhaps loads, he isn’t sure — sending individuals escaping through the roads in alarm or into bars to search for unfold. The aggressor followed them inside.

The Vienna attack, which left in any event 4 normal folks and one wrongdoer lifeless, unfurled as the metropolis’s inhabitants savored multiple conclusive lengthy stretches of birthday celebration before another Covid lockdown.

On Tuesday, professionals stated that a speculate they’d killed was an Islamic State supporter who became vigorously geared up with an attack rifle and wore a phony self-destruction belt. Specialists accept that there were more assailants, and a manhunt proceeded via the morning.

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