Anti- France Protests – Ongoing Heated Situation Around the Globe

In the southern city of Nice, the murder of three people occurred. This incident took place at the Notre Dame Basilica. As a result, the PM of France announced the country is going on high alert.

A man with a knife attacked a man and two women in the church Thursday morning. Consequently, the police shot him dead. In fact, he still kept on saying Allah ho Akbar. Thus, French authorities have opened a terrorism investigation.

In spite of these, PM Jean Castex’s announcement of high alert came a couple of hours before France was to go for a month lockdown due to the coronavirus.


As anger rose, thousands of Muslims in Pakistan poured out to join anti-France protests on Friday. Around estimations, 2000 worshipers who were celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, took to the streets of Lahore. Some crowds were led by different parties. No wonder, the crowd led by Islamic parties caroled anti-France slogans. Moreover, they raised banners and clogged main roads to the Sufi shrine.

Bundles of people shouted to boycott French products as well. In Multan, bundles of people burned the statue of French PM and demanded Pakistan to cut all ties with France.

Furthermore, the police ceased the raging mob from attacking the French embassy.

Anti-France protests: AFGHANISTAN Situation

Members of the Islamic party in Afghanistan set the French flag on fire. In like manner, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (Leader Islamic Party), gave a warning about the commencement of Third world war. In particular, Europe will be responsible for that.


The tension between France and Muslim majority nations arises when a young Muslim teen beheaded a French teacher. The reason being, the French teacher has shown a parody of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

 Then on Thursday, a knife-wielding Tunisian man carrying a copy of the Quran killed three people at the church in the Mediterranean city of Nice. That same day, a Saudi Arabian man stabbed and lightly wounded a security guard at the French consulate in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, prompting France to urge its citizens there to be on high alert.

 From Bangladesh to Pakistan and further to Kuwait, protests to boycott French products have been carried out. Since last week, Social media is poured with anti-french hashtags.

In short, France is being highly criticized by Muslim communities.

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