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Apple Event (Spring Loaded) 2021: All you need to know

New Launches and their prices in the Indian Market

The Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021, held on 20th April brought in some big launches. There were some major announcements with the hope to see a technological advancement in everyday life. The event started at 10:30 P.M.(IST). It continued for an hour approx and ended around 11:30 P.M.(IST). Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to host the first major event of 2021. Like the other events right now, this Spring Loaded Event was also a virtual one.

With the goal to change people’s lives, Apple brought in many updates in its already existing gadgets while also bringing up some new models.

The Kickoff

Purple iphone 12 is going to hit the market super soon.
Credits: USA today

Tim Cook started the event with a brief intro about the Apple Cars and how they are becoming updated recently. He also mentioned that Apple Podcasts have been the new buzz. The First major announcement was about the Apple iPhone 12. It has a Super Retina XDR and a Ceramic Display, this smartphone has been loved all across the globe. With already beautiful colors existing, one more color got added to the list- Purple! With an element of sophistication the gorgeous purple will soon be flogging the market!


Apple launched an all-new iPhone accessory. Do you also forget your keys and have to waste hours searching? AirTags are the solution! They come with a find my network buildup- it helps you find your things precisely!  They can be personalized by any self-designed accessories and anything can be tagged with this- using Precise Finding. It will be available in the Indian Market from April 30, at a price of 3,190 Rs. for one AirTag while a pack of four comes at 10,900.

Apple TV 4K

Apple tv is all set to hit the markets soon.
Credits: Apple

To give a better cinematic experience, it comes with a Dolby Vision. It is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic Processor. It allows users to play HDR content at a faster framerate! So, sports and other content that require high resolution will look good! Right now its the price in the Indian Market starts from 13,500(32 GB) to 18,900(64 GB). The new Siri remote will be available separately from 5,800 and it is compatible even with the previous generation Apple TVs. It will be available for purchase from May.

Apple iMac

Apple has launched a new iMac. Powered by Apple’s own Silicone M1, this iMac is available in a lot of colors like green, orange, red, blue, and yellow. It has a 1080p facetime camera in front. It also has got 2 fans now, instead of the thermal system! As the company promises this product will not make a sound of over 10db. Apple claims to give the users an 85% faster performance than the previous generations, with the new Mi chip inside! The iMac also supports iPhone and iPad apps like Headspace. Games like Sky can also be enjoyed! In the Indian Market, its price will be around 1,15,000 Rs. It will be available for purchase in the second half of May.

Apple iPad Pro

Also powered by Apple’s M1 chip, Apple claims that it will give a 50% better performance than the previous iPad Pro. The graphics are promised to be 50 times faster! Well enough! It has support to 5G connectivity, Thunderbolt, and USB-4 support. It comes with features like 2 times faster storage access and 2 TB storage configuration. Also, it gives support to gaming controllers from Xbox series X and PS5. Its Machine- learning feature helps to track your location while on a video call! It has been specifically launched in a white color variant! 

The 11-inch model comes at a price of 60,300 Rs. While the 12.9 inch model with a liquid retina display will cost around 83,000 Rs. Orders can be placed from April 30, while they will be available for purchase from May.

All set with the new launches, Apple anticipates great response from the consumers. Surely, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are symbols of the new dawn that awaits!

Author: Apexa Rai

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