Apple M1 Benchmarks, Spoiler: They Demolish Competition

Apple has barely had time to reveal its M1 Chip and the Apple Macbook Air benchmarks for the Chipset had leaked.

Apple could become king of laptops by the looks of it

Firstly, they’re impressive, to say the least. Spotted by MacRumors, the Geekbench 5 scores of the New Macbook Air, destroys most intel powered laptops. For instance, In the single-core Geekbench test, the MacBook Air with M1 scored 1,688, and it notched a high 7,433 in the multi-core test.  The MacBook Pro 13-inch hits 4,398 with its 10th gen Core i5 CPU.

Apple Mac

(Apple) MacBook Air M1 Geekbench 5 Results

LaptopsGeekbench 5 Scores
MacBook Air M17,433
Dell XPS 13 (Core i7)5,319
Asus ZenBook Flip S (Core i7-1165G)5,084
MacBook Pro 13-inch (10th gen Intel Core i5)4,398
MacBook Pro 16-inch (9th gen Intel Core i9)7,250

For example, The MacBook Air M1 also demolished the Asus ZenBook Flip S, which reached 5,084 in the Geekbench multi-core test. In fact, the M1 still uses the fundamental base architecture as the A14 Bionic chip found in the iPad Air 2020 and iPhone 12 models.

Likewise, This is all good news for people who use MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops for intensive multitasking and use heavy software. However, synthetic benchmarks are one thing; real-world performance is another.

On the other hand, Moving to use its own ARM-based chips means a shift from x86 architecture to RISC architecture that supports nearly all the chips found in smartphones. In short, software originally configured to run on x86 architecture needs to be made compatible with RISC.

Apple Mac

Indeed, Apple claims it’s software, like Rosetta 2, will allow x86-based apps to run on the new M1 with ease. In conclusion, Apple has brought something incredible to the table & it all seems promising. The new MacBook Air will start at $999 and go on sale on November 17. And the MacBook Pro with the M1 chip will go on sale the same day, starting at $1,299.

Above all, we wish you a happy Diwali from all of us at the Akashbaani team.

Author- Shataksh Bhardwaj

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