Are you a social media junkie or suffering from game addiction?

Our lives have improved a lot with the arrival of new technology. Cell phones or smartphones are inventions that have changed the way we live. But the question is on the part where the cell phone is definitely a boon but whether it is used properly is a matter to be noted. Internet and social media usage and availability have increased with the introduction of Android, iPhone, etc. Hence, the widespread use of cell phones in our daily lives has created some sort of social media addiction.

Let’s say

Instead of spending time with family, the person prefers to spend time on his cellphone; Therefore, as much as social media is benefiting, so is the loss; All kinds of information are available on a small cellphone. Let us know what are the symptoms and their remedies, through Dr. Pooja Kulshrestha, Clinical Psychologist, Aligarh

How to identify your smartphone (social media ) addiction ?

How to identify your smartphone addiction (social media )?
  • Do you get up at night to check your phone?
  • Apart from work, how many hours of the day do you spend on a smartphone?
  • Does your attention repeatedly go towards your smartphone while eating?
  • Do you suddenly feel that your phone is ringing or a message has come?

If you are feeling this way about yourself or family members then you need to be cautious.


  1. Focus on your lifestyle first. How long and how you spend time on mobile.
  2. Try to know how long you use or use social media. If this habit is getting serious day by day, then you have to start keeping a distance from your phone.
  3. Make a habit of telling yourself ‘no’. If you use the phone for three hours throughout the day, then reduce it to one or two hours.
  4. Change the place of the pocket and purse in which you keep or keep the phone for a few days. This will keep it from coming into your hands immediately and maybe in the meantime, you get busy with some other work.
  5. Turn off notifications by going to the smartphone’s settings. With this, your attention will not go to the notification of the phone repeatedly. If someone does any important work with you, then he will call you directly.
  6. Keep your data off a few hours a day. This will tempt your mind not to see the phone repeatedly and it will also save battery.

In addition to the above

How to break free from your social media addiction

When you walk a little distance from the phone and social media, then your mind will automatically start getting engaged in other favorite works. Also, you will avoid many other kinds of troubles.
Make sure to check the time of your phone, at the same time, you check all the updates, even if you see more updates of your work soon, it does not happen.

If we / I make sure that after waking up in the morning and / or after checking once, we will be away from the phone for a few hours and will keep the phone away a few hours before going to sleep at night.

When you walk a little distance from the phone and social media, your mind will automatically start getting into other favorite tasks, and you will also avoid many other kinds of troubles. Keep the phone aside while driving.

Create a new habit like – habit of reading book, give time to hobby etc.

We hope you enjoyed this article on game and social media addiction. What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments.

Translation by: Pranshu Agarwal

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