Are you well guarded against Data theft by Social Media Platforms?

On a daily basis, we use many social media platforms and create many new friends. Although, we share many photos, videos, contact, or personal detail on these platforms. Regardless of the fact, that they might be your family members or school friends, or your colleague, But have you ever noticed that your Data being theft by Social Media Platforms?

Data theft by social media- Have you ever noticed it?

Yes, this permission where we blindly click on accept button. In addition, very easily provide them access to watch your personal details, contact list, photo gallery, and many more.

On top,

Have you ever thought about your data being theft on social media?

Let’s talk about this major problem of almost every social media platform.

Specifically, when we provide access to any social media platforms, they use our data for marketing purposes. In fact, some of the platforms use this data to earn money by selling your personal information to a third party called Data breaching. Accordingly, It totally depends on the third-party user how they will use this info for their business.

Outcomes of these Data thefts on Social Media

Actually, Data breaching or infringing is an unlawful activity. Still, it exists in the whole world. As it is a significant source of income to data hackers. We can understand this with an example:

Suppose, you have installed a social media application and they asked you for permission to access your personal details. Ask yourself,

What if your account gets hacked?

All your data will be available to that hacker even your Username, pin, E-mail Id, and many more. So, to avoid this unwanted stuff in your social life then, follow these points:

Points to remember to avoid your personal data sharing

  • Firstly, Don’t accept all the permission of your social media platform.
  • Secondly, If it is necessary then, accept these permissions but Also, don’t forget to turn off these permissions.
  • Thirdly, Don’t share your social media platform Id and password on your chatting inbox. Simply, your account gets hacked, much other information can be manipulated easily.
  • Finally, Don’t share all your personal details on social media it may lead to any criminal conspiracy.
Data theft by social media- What preventive measures can you take


As a matter of fact, social media is day by day growing and grabbing more space in our social as well as personal life. And these traits are seen not only in adults but also in teens. In short, avoid mix up of your social and personal life with each other.

Authored By: Rashmi Sharma

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