Arranged Marriage vs love Marriage – pros and cons

Marriage is a formal union of two people as partners in a personal relationship(Legally, economically and emotionally)

We all aware of the fact that all marriages are made in heaven.

Which is best arranged or love marriage?

People of India are much supportive towards arranged marriage while in other countries love marriage is favoured more.

Advantages of love marriage

  • Love marriage is good for those people who want the right to choose their partner.
  • People are mature enough to judge bad or good for themselves. They very well know the bad and good effect related to love marriage.
  • In Love marriage both persons know the qualities, nature and behavior of each other so they both can adjust easily.
  • Love contains emotions and feelings they don’t have to force to love each other. It comes from inheart.
  • In love marriage bond of both persons is stronger. man some difficulties occur in their life they both can easily solve this problem with the help of each other and easily share their hidden things.
  • Love marriage releases all kind of hurdles between two partners they do not consider caste , religion , kundli, money etc..   they enjoy their life freely.

Disadvantages of love marriage

  • Love is not the only thing we need in life we should check the reality like the environment they grew up in, family background and economic considerations.
  • Chances of divorce is higher in love marriage as compared to arrange marriage.
  • After marriage there might be any change in their behavior and nature. This is only known after marriage and at that time it’s very difficult to get out of this relationship.
  • In love marriage there is no family support for your future life. You both become alone. by any means parents is not going to accept your marriage.
  • Love marriage is based on attraction and when this end it might end the relationship.

Advantages of arranged Marriage

  • Firstly, arranged Marriage is arranged keeping in mind the culture, religion and caste . So the relation created from this Marriage is really strong.
  • In arrange Marriage you have a full support of your family and society . In this you get respect from every corner of your relatives.
  • Arranged marriage needs a lot of sacrifice from both sides boy and girl both partners try to maintain best relationship.
  • In India divorce rate is very low as compared to love marriage only 8-10% of divorce case found in India.
  • In arranged Marriage partners are not familiar with each other they try their best to understand each other and in this time they built a strong and healthy love between them.
  • As parents place is second after GOD they always think right for their children. They know in what way their child remains happy in life. They choose best partner for their child.

Disadvantages of arranged Marriage

  • Firstly, both parties are unaware and feel comfortable with each other. This becomes a burden for both partners.
  • In arranged Marriage it might happen that their thinking, nature and behavior is different this leads to conflicts between them.
  • In the name of arranged marriages, forced marriages are still common in some parts of India.
  • Sometimes both partners may not fell comfort able to talk hidden things this may cause problem.
  • Some people not happy with marriages and are not able to divorce due to children, societal pressure tend to opt for suicide.

Be it arranged or love Marriage the relationship will work only if both partners has understanding and honest to each other.

Life partner must be selected according to his/ her own will and not by force.

Today, people are taking time to understand each other before marriage in case of arranged marriage also this is a sign of growing society.


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