Arvind Kejriwal Finally Free From The House- Arrest

Arvind - Kejriwal now free from the house arrest.

While today BHARAT BAND is making headlines, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s house arrest for supporting the farmers gained Nation’s attention.

Though now Arvind Kejriwal is out of the house arrest. After a long day of face-off and claims of AAP, the CM is let free of the house-arrest. Recently, He even addressed the public and the media.

About ( Arvind Kejriwal’s House Arrest Claims)

Aam Aadmi Party alleged Delhi Police. Claimed that the  CM was under house arrest for supporting the farmers’ protest.


 No one was allowed to enter CM’s residence. Even the house help is denied access. 

The MLAs and members beaten, when tried to enter the house. The members went there for a meeting but were not allowed to meet the CM.

Since after yesterday he was under the house arrest- as per the claims. When Arvind Kejriwal met the farmers on Singhu Border. Also, he assured his full support to the farmers’ protest.

Denial to the claims

Conversely, Delhi Police clarified about the same. The DCP North Delhi sharing the image of CM’s house premises tweeted- 

The post denied claim of the house-arrest . Although, accepted and called it as a general deployment for ensuring no sort of this and riots with other leaders and party.

However, the AAP opposed the image and the denial. The party on social media shared videos of barricades and police controlling the entry in an inappropriate manner.

Spokes Person, Akshay Marathe questioned the DCP North Delhi and tweeted- 

Don’t fabricate the evidence. First explain this video, why Police is dragging our MLA and didn’t allow him to meet Hon’ble CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

Akshay Marathe – AAP Spokes Person

The videos and image posted by the two depicted huge differences.  

Besides, Gautam Gambhir questioned the party’s claims. Moreover called all this a mere drama by Mr Kejriwal.

Many other netizens have also claimed all this as a false narrative by AAP. While others have shown support.

In Solidarity to the farmers- Arvind Kejriwal

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Already 12 days have passed to the farmers’ protest. Farmers are firm on their agitation towards The Three New Farm Bills.

Today on 8 December, an overall BHARAT BAND was declared by the farmers. Many traders and unions have shown support by participating in the BHARAT BAND. While many other celebrities and politicians have shown support through social media or joining the protest. 

Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal even mentioned that he and his party denied turning protest grounds into temporary prisons. This has strengthened the protest in a way.

While Minister Manish Sisodia still waited outside the CM’s house, seeking entrance. The Party has clearly shown its disappointment. Claims have been that the arrest was on the orders of the central government. All in all, the party has been accusing the central government for the house arrest to keep the CM of Delhi away from the protest.Another claim by AAP was of party members being arrested in Uttar Pradesh.

Nevertheless, the farmers have assured to keep their protest away from any political agenda. Whatever reality may be. Surely,This is far from the farmers’ grievance.

Lastly,even when Kejriwal is now let free of the house- arrest. Important is why Arvind Kejriwal was under the house arrest like situation needs to be clarified. Else was it just a claim?

Author: Mansi Goel

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