Attack on Afghan University: You Should be Aware of these Reasons

Afghan troops stood on their grounds. There were five hours of fighting. Moreover, periodic grenade explosions and automatic weapons fire burst down.
Kabul University in Afghan organized a book fair. Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan was invited to this fair. The event day was Monday. Some gunmen entered the compound and started firing. Thus, leaving 25 dead and several wounded.
There were three attackers who were involved in the assault, said Tariq Arian. He is the ministry’s spokesman. As the result, they killed the attackers later in the fight, he added.
Ahmad Samim told journalists he saw militants armed with pistols. Moreover, Kalashnikov assault rifles firing at the school. Ahmad Samim is a university student. Moreover, the attack took place on the eastern side of the university.

A book fair held at the university, Afghan media reported. Additionally, many VIP’s attended the same. Previously, they targeted Iranian diplomats in the country. Thus, lighting a spark of war between the two countries. In 1998, Iran held the Taliban responsible for the deaths. Contrarily, no group agreed to the same. But perhaps the suspicion fell on the Taliban group only.

The Islamic State group sent a suicide bomber into an education center last month. This in turn killed not less than 24 students and left more than 100 injured. Since 2014, Islamic state affairs did bundles of attack on Shiite Muslims. Moreover, they targeted schools mostly.

This is very subjective lets not discuss this here. Unfortunately, there were casualties reported in this latest event that took place in the university.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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