Autorickshaw driver’s daughter Manya Singh conquered the crown of VLCC Femina Miss India

Uttar Pradesh’s Manya Singh was crowned as Runner-up of Miss India 2020.

Millions of girls see the dream to get the lavishing crown of Miss India once in their life. Some of them plan to achieve while few of them reach the stage to compete with their opponents. Out of all these, only three are the ones who put their all efforts and are crowned as Miss India. Last Wednesday night, those three girls conquered the crown.

It is truly said that,

Dreams are not the ones that you see while sleeping. They are the ones which will not let you sleep till you achieve them

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

Miss India 2020 Winners

The winner is 23 years old Miss India Telangana Manasa Varanasi. Haryana’s Manika Sheokand is Miss Grand India 2020. Uttar Pradesh’s Manya Singh was crowned as Runner-up. Lets’s look forward to another inspirational story of our Miss India.

Life Story of Manya Singh, Miss India 2020

From leaving home in her teenage and traveling to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh to struggle for studies, jobs, and careers, life was not easy for Manya Singh. It has been very difficult for her when no one was there to support her dreams.

She was even not officially enrolled in any school till class 9th as her parents struggled even to educate her. They could only afford the examination fee so she used to go to school only to sit in exams.

What she desired

She always wanted to do something big in her life. She dreamed of becoming the role model for all the girls outside who could not even see the dreams due to their low- income family conditions. But as her parents were going to ask her for marriage after the completion of her studies, so she left. When she told her mom about becoming a Miss India, she said,

Hmare jese log aise sapne nhi dekhte. Kbhi aukaat se bdhkar sapne nhi dekhne chahiye.

Mother of VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 runner-up

Challenges she had gone through

But she always uses to say her mom to believe in her and it is the time to change what the world expects out of them. She knew the fact that to have a successful life, one needs to have knowledge and confidence. For that, she enrolled herself in college to continue with gaining knowledge.

Later she started working in a call center to enhance her speaking skills and fluency in the English language.

She also worked as a dishwasher at Pizza Hut and walk for miles in order to save the fare. Also, the reason for working there was earning for her livelihood. She applied for Miss India in 2016 but since then she was facing failures.

I participated in Campus Princess, but mujhe Bhut logo ne bola ki ‘you aren’t Miss India type because of your looks and body’.

Manya Singh

What she is today

VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 Runner-up Manya Singh

Manya Singh, the daughter of an Autorickshaw driver is now VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 Runner-up.  She recommended to all the viewers to believe in hard work and consistency throughout their life. She asked never to give up because this is the only key that will open the doors of your dreams.

No matter how many bad conditions you are facing today financially or socially, your determination will take you towards what you want out of your life.

AUTHOR: Aashi Bansal

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Featured Image Credit: Times of India

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