Bermuda triangle – The unsolved mystery

“Explore one of the greatest mysteries of all time”.

Mystery of Bermuda triangle, Devil’s triangle or Hurricane triangle



One of the famous and unsolved mysteries of all time i.e. Bermuda triangle also known as the Devil’s triangle or Hurricane triangle.

Bermuda triangle is a mythical section of the north-Atlantic ocean. Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico are the cities that bound Bermuda triangle. Therefore it covers about 500,000 squares miles of oceans. For instance 5O ships and 20 airplanes disappeared mysteriously in this area and they searchers are not able to find it yet.

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However over the years, many theories have been come into force but none of them have conclusive evidences.

Something always interesting have been heard from the writer’s in their theories explaining that they found “crystal energies near the sea time portals, natural-geographical or hydrological explanation, most importantly even though many of the theories or you can also say it’s a rumors of underwater alien bases“.

Benjamin Radford is deputy editor of skeptical Inquirer science magazine and author of six books, after that he did his work on “scientific paranormal Investigation: how to solve Unexplained mysteries”. His website is


To sum up , Bermuda triangle is still an “Unsolved Mystery” of all time. Similarly, researchers and paranormal investigators have not given any conclusive report that can explain the mystery behind this devil’s triangle.


However it is still unknown what is the reason behind this mysterious triangle. And so this mystery is one of the biggest unsolved mystery of all time which has it’s own existence.

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