In a study conducted by the economist, Finland is ranked as the number one country for education. Education is one of the most supreme components in carving the nation. However, each country follows its own system to educate its citizens in short known as the education system.

Our educational system is like an automobile which has strong rear lights, brightly illuminating the past. But looking forward things are barely discernible.”HERMANN OBERTH

Here’s the list of countries with the best education system according to their rankings:-

Countries ranking according to the newsweek
Countries ranking according to the newsweek

Finland Education system

Finland, a Northern European country has over the years initiated a number of novel and simple changes. As a result, there is a complete revolution in their education system. 

Finnish Education system consists of :

  • High-class daycare and nursery-kindergarten for the young children lasting till the age of 7. Therefore, helping the younger minds to adapt further education
  • A Single Structure education is followed further for the time period of 9 years with consequent evaluations being performed.
  • The upper secondary education consists of 2 modules :
    • General education: The students are free to choose their study schedule. Later, they attend the organized matriculation exam.
    • Vocational education: Especially the job focusing candidates acquires it.
  • University education : For the applied as well as practical sciences.

Key To Success:

After World War II Finland struggled a lot to gain independence besides this lost lands, financial stability. Soon they realized that acquiring the education will help in the betterment of their lives.

Moreover, each student feels empowered to come away in the long run of appreciation learning. Thus, becoming an educational powerhouse.

Major Reasons:

  • No standardized testing: Students learn to mug up just to pass a test. In order to avoid this, Finland has no standardized tests. Their only exception is the National Matriculation exam. Besides this, the Ministry of education performs overall tracking.
  • Co-operation above competition: Finnish believes that ” Real winners do not compete”. Hence, there are no lists of top-performing schools or teachers moreover co-operation is the only norm.
  • Makes the environment healthier: In general, a happy, harmonious and healthy student is the result of a learning environment. Over there, the way of teaching looked to make the school environment a more equitable place.
  • Schooling starts at an older age: Schooling starts at the age of 7 which helps in developing childhood years. Above all, only 9 years of compulsory school is required to be attended.
  • Free education:  They have no fee charges. Usually, students are required to pay the expenses for their books and travel. Consequently, increasing the literacy rate of the country.

Author : Kritika Agarwal

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