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Black fungus from Covid-19: All you need to know

Covid-19 is now causing a new infection known as “Black fungus”. In Delhi and Gujarat, traces of black fungus have been found and are becoming the reason for increasing the mortality rate to 54%.

No one expected the Covid-19 second wave to strike India. Rather than being a pandemic, it has now become a catastrophe. The overall number of cases reached 4 lakhs in May. On the contrary, an infection known as “Black fungus” has recently emerged from Covid-19. Black fungus, also known as Mucormycosis, is a rare fungus illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Furthermore, mucormycosis is a group of nods that causes it.

Those who came into contact with or got this sickness experienced blindness or other major health problems. It is primarily an infection that affects persons who have a poor level of immunity.

Symptoms of Black fungus

Black fungus image
Credits: The weather channel

Redness around the eyes is the most common symptom. Despite this, around the eyes, discomfort can be felt. Severe headaches, cough, shortness of breath, and bloody vomits are also common. These are the most common signs and symptoms. Aside from that, a person’s mental state can be affected in some instances.

What to do?

After recovering from Covid-19, a person is expected to monitor his blood glucose level at all times. However, this is only achievable if a person follows a healthy food and nutrition plan.

Additionally, only under physician supervision, steroids can also be used.

When using oxygen therapy, humidifiers are essential. As a result, only clean water should be utilized.

What not to do?

One should never ignore any indications of black fungus. As a result, do not be afraid to seek medical advice from any doctor. Go get the help you need if you have mucormycosis.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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