#BoycottMirzapur2: Why Ali Fazal’s earlier Tweets are lethal Now?

Finally, the teaser of Mirzapur (season 2) has been launched by its makers. Previously,(on Monday) the lovers of this series got what they desired.Furthermore, the teaser announced that October 23, 2020 will be its release date.

In like fashion, fans have been making parodies, internet memes,etc. These attempts were made to pump the Mirzapur creators. So that they will release the season as soon as possible. Certainly, the crime thriller series brought fame to many big celebrities coupled along with small stars.

In spite of this, there are few internet citizens who demand the boycott of Mirzapur 2.

Still of Ali Fazal from Mirzapur
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Emphasizing on Cause and Result

Ali Fazal is a growing personality of Bollywood. From Joy Lobo to Guddu Bhaiya, his acting skills can leave anyone speechless. In December 2019, Ali made his remarks on CAA NRC protests. His tweet’protests: Shuru Majboori Mein Kiye thhey,ab Maza Aa rha Ha’ has cropped up’. He declared this as his Anti- CAA stand. however, the nationwide lockdown overthrew his tweets out of the public eye.

In particular, the masses are accusing him of elevating the protestors’ motive.

Analogous to the above tweet, his other posts are paving a way for Mirzapur 2 boycott.

Twitteratis have formed a series of questions with the purpose to oppose the show. In like fashion, some users have put forth the idea to watch Mirzapur 2 on Telegram rather on Amazon prime. Further tweets convey that the users were eagerly waiting for the second season. In truth, the tweets made by Ali Fazal, have lead to a shift in thinkings.

At the same time, several other nationalists objected to the deeds of Mirazpur star. With no other choice remaining, Ali wiped out his tweets which seem guilty from the political viewpoint.

On the End

Mirrzapur 2 poster
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Mirzapur 2 will be featuring Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu, Shweta Tripathi Sharma,and Harshita Shekhar Gaur. Additionally, Vijay Varma, Priyanshu Painyuli,and Isha Talwar will be spotted.

Of course, the date of release is close and the image of Mirzapur 2 is at risk on social platforms. The star cast and the creators should come together for its much-needed salvation.

Authored by: Ayush Joshi

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References: News 18

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