A creative technique

Brainstorming is a creative technique by which efforts are made to find conclusions to make research on a specific topic. Moreover, helps to get diverse ideas and a more creative approach towards a topic.

Basically performed in groups to have a more approachable side towards the concept. But an individual also can do this. Many companies use group brainstorming to pitch out the thoughts of their individual employee.

Group Brainstorming
Group Brainstorming

Alex F. Osborn, who was an advertising executive introduced this idea. As he was frustrated by the employee’s inability to develop creative ideas. So, as a solution to this, he started hosting group-thinking sessions. Afterward did turn out into a brainstorming session. That is how to use the brain to storm a problem.

Brain Storm
Brain To storm a problem

What is the biggest challenge in Brainstorming?

Sometimes an idea could come to one’s mind, but not to others. So, the other ideas which would be contributed will not be share now. As they will feel no relevancy to share that idea because the discussion seems to be almost ended. Hence, this is the biggest challenge in a brainstorming process.

Challenges in a Brainstorming

Now, to overcome this a proper time must be given to the participants. So that they have the time to give the vocal to their ideas in a way which is more justified.


Advantages Of Brainstorming
Advantages Of Brainstorming
  • It helps to improve the company’s growth. As a wider range of ideas or aspects can be given an outlook through it.
  • It also helps to increase the criticism taking ability of a person. A person should add or make amendments to their ideas rather than criticizing other’s thoughts.
  • To remove the public speaking fear. It’ll help the people to overcome their fear of public speaking in front of the masses.
  • The combination and improvement of ideas probably give the best outcome.


  • Sometimes it leads to the quantity chosen over the quality. Especially for increasing the length of speech time. Some people lead to degrading the quality of the content
Disadvantages of brainstorming
  • It is the tendency of the human brain to lost interest in a certain discussion after some time. Hence, often results in choosing the ideas heard first. All in all, resulting in not a fair decision.

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