BTS’ BE Gives Message Of Hope To The Listeners

During the start of this pandemic, the leader RM came on a live stream. Consequently, he made an announcement that they would use this time to work on a new album.

“BE” came as a letter of love to BTS fans during this horrid year.

Seven months later, “BE” emerges from the bag of BTS as the most accurate musical representation of the pandemic life. For instance, they go from one minute brimming with joy, the next listless and miserable. Further, another swinging slowly back to a neutral baseline. The aim of this album is to spread comfort during this difficult time. During this album BTS stikes the perfect mix of encouragement and reassurance.

BE is the group’s fifth official full-length studio album. Also, it is sitting at just eight tracks and is their shortest record by far. It’s also their second album this year.

However arrived with noticeably less promotional fanfare than its predecessor, February’s Map Of Soul:7.

In factLife Goes on” and “Fly to My Room” set the tone immediately: pitch-tweaked samples that evoke a longing for better times.

The lyrics, in Korean and English, are both resilient and resigned;

“Life goes on Like an arrow in the blue sky Another day flying by On my pillow, on my table, Yeah, life goes on like this again.”

Even, “Blue & Grey” is already a fan favorite after just a day of release, it’s one of the exemplary songs of the “pandemic pop” era.

Jungkook entitled as the Sexiest International Man Alive;2020

Additionally, the album ends on “Dynamite” where the band proved they can best Anglo-American pop at its own game, by writing a perfect distillation of this disco moment, and doing so in English.

Finally, “BE” captures the exact mood of this pandemic in a beautiful way: scared, bored & lonely.

Moreover, you can listen to their entire album on Spotify below.

Author: Shataksh Bhardwaj

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