BTS Breaks The 24 Hour Debut Record On YouTube With Their Single “Dynamite”

By: Shataksh Bhardwaj

Pop Music Is The Asprin And The Blues Are The Vitamins.

: Peter Tork (American Musician)

BTS, the beloved boy band from korea has broken the record for the top 24-Hour debut record on YouTube, getting a staggering 101.1 Million views.

BTS surpassed K-pop girl group Blackpink’s previous record set by their June 2020 single, “How you like that”. YouTube reported this number after 2 days, getting this staggering number out to the public.

This isn’t the first time the boy band has broken this record on YouTube, in 2019, they took this record with their single “Boy With Love(feat .Halsey)” with 74.6 Million views, with also gettin their place as 5 of the 10 spots in YouTube’s List of Top 24-Hour debut videos with music videos like “Idol” also appearing in the list.

To build up buzz around Dynamite, Big Hit Labels posted a Teaser on its official YouTube channel on August 18. As of yet, the teaser itself has garnered over 61 million views. On August 20, just half hour before the official release, Big Hit Labels started a live countdown and the music video was released at 12am EST (9:30am IST).

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