BTS Meal: BTS partnership with McDonald’s for the special meal

McDonald’s and BTS announced a meal partnership. The announcement has especially triggered enthusiasm in the armies.

Recently the wrestler John Cena shared a picture of a French fries arrangement along with the BTS logo on his Instagram account. Hence, giving a silent Shout Out to their partnership with McDonald’s. During John’s personal struggles, BTS released their album called ‘Love Yourself’. So John Cena essentially tried sending a similar message as the band, through his Instagram post. He ended by saying that the BTS fans were ‘brave enough to support my vulnerable moment.’

Bangtan boys popularly known as BTS, one of the most popular K-pop band partnered with McDonald. They have partnered with McDonald’s for the special meal known as BTS Meal. This Korean boy band group has created undetachable fans for eternity. Although their music is in one language, it crosses the borders of nations without barriers.

Interestingly, Mc Donald has added a purple Heart in their Instagram bio.
The purple Heart is very symbolic for the fans and the bangtan boys, reflecting loyalty, love and trust. Also, there is a little 7 added in the Mc Donald’s insta name, representing the Septet.
BTS has broken several records. Surely, this partnership is on its way to celebrate new sales records.

What will the special BTS meal include?

On May 26, McDonald’s will come up with a one-of-a-kind menu “tour”. The BTS meal especially will include the septet’s favorite food items. The menu includes 10-piece chicken nuggets, medium Coca- Cola, medium World-Famous fries, and Cajun and Sweet Chili dipping sauces. That has been inspired McDonald’s South Korea. The meals will be available in 50 countries across the globe. In India, a special meal will be available in Delhi and Mumbai. Beginning from June 1 in Delhi and from June 4 in Mumbai.

Hype label official Instagram post
Hype label official Instagram post

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Featured Image Credits : official McDonald’s insta

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