Can We Socialize like Before, Post This Pandemic?

At present, we are all on the verge to unlearn socializing. For the first time in history, we have to find different modes and ways to socialize in a pandemic like this. Do we realize how difficult it is to go with the flow and restrict ourselves at home for days, months, and years? But, the question that is hitting us hard is – Can we socialize like before, post this pandemic?

Adapting to the ‘New Normal World’

After a year of isolation, we all started wondering how it would be to interact with people all over again? We are living in an age where we don’t know who is carrying this deadly virus and how it can get in us or affect us? The sudden arrival of the perilous Second Wave of COVID-19 after a year made us realize that it still exists in us. It won’t spare our world soon.

So, slowly, we are trying to adopt the trend of ‘new normal’ where we socialize over zoom calls and conduct classes or interact by sharing or presenting our screen. This is exactly the point where we should start realizing – how can we normalize our social interactions and be engaging in public places post this pandemic? Can a child, after this prolonged period of house arrest, have a normal school life again? It is rather frustrating to realize how this virus is taking our lives and pushing us towards the edge of depression and anxiety.

Weddings In Pandemic

A core aspect of socialization is a wedding – for which most of us wait for years, but COVID-19 is restricting that too. To maintain social distance, we have started avoiding big fat weddings or inviting our close ones to the gathering. There is no joy of dressing up like before, no joy of eating together at the wedding, and all we are left with is hiding behind our masks. Can this way of socializing sustain? Can it ever be normal like before? We kept on asking such unanswered questions to ourselves to seek answers to them, but at this difficult time of crisis, we are only left with a bunch of predictions and hope.

Who Are Drawing Benefits From It?

When everything got frozen, and our lives are slowly coming to a standstill, some trending apps have started to take the lead. Some renowned apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Netflix, Amazon are still trying hard to give us the flavor of socializing at home. For instance, Swiggy is trying hard to provide us with the joy of eating out at home. Netflix too is trying to create a movie hall feel for us at home. But is this ‘new normal’ worth the joy of going out and watch a movie at a theatre with others? I guess the answer is going to be a no. No matter how much we try, but the ‘at home fun’ cannot compete with socializing in real. Though the case is surely different for introverts.

The Hope for a good era Post this Pandemic

We all have to agree that this pandemic is ripping all of us apart, and we don’t know where it is going to end? Still, we are fighting hard to hurdle this crisis and deplete this invisible monster permanently from our universe.

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