Canadian Study to close Khalistani Movement Link

There is a study that reveals the relationship between leaders of the Khalistani movement and Pakistan. Moreover, a Canada-based think-tank brought this study into the eyes of everyone.

A report namely, Khalistan: A project of Pakistan claims that Khalistan is a geopolitical project. Additionally, it threatens the national security of Canadians and Indians.

This image is of Khalistani movement

Despite all this, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau commented on the protests by farmers in India. However, it is viewed as an effort to indulge the demands of hardliners in his country.

Canadian Journalist statements on Khalistani Movement

Terry Milewski is a Canadian journalist who stated-

“It might seem surprising that 35 years after Khalistani extremists bombed Air India Flight 182, the deadliest attack on aviation before 9/11, that a new generation of violent extremists has now emerged in Canada and India”.

Additionally, Milewski said, “It’s clear who’s driving the Khalistan bus: Pakistan”.

Former Premier of British Columbia statements

To all this, Ujjal Dosanjh (former premier of British Columbia) said, “The Milewski report should be essential reading for any who wish to understand Pakistan’s influence in guiding the Khalistan proposition, its perversion of the Sikh faith, and its ongoing campaign of extremism and terrorism in two of the world’s important democracies.”

this image is of khalistani movement

Furthermore, the report claimed that the maps that proposed Khalistan that does not state the exact location of the place. Moreover, it does not even state one inch of traditional Sikh lands in Pakistan.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

Featured Image Credit: Macdonaldlauirer

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