The main cause of stress on the modern generation is the cut-throat competition and consumerist culture prevalent in our society. Today’s generation is the upcoming future of growth and stability for the country.
Youth is one of the most useful asset for country’s growth and development. The modern environment is highly competitive and calls for relentless effort on the part of each youngsters. Therefore youth is facing problems like anxiety, strain, depression etc., which has bad effect on their mental health.


⦁ Everyone is self-centered and interaction is less.
⦁ People are busy with their mobile phones and do not have a habit of spending time with family.

Because of an increase in professionalism and specialization therefore there is no practical knowledge and solution for such a serious problem. In other words, today’s world generation is very fast and busy.

Youth have to undergo intolerable stress and strain. Many factors that contribute to this stress like: education, industry, business, employment, services, however there is a terrible competition everywhere.

How to Manage Stress:

One can take measures like: Exercise, nutrition, priority management, and caffeine, time, breathing and relaxation, talking, acknowledge the signs

Stress Management Techniques:

Removing or changing the source of stress, altering how a person views a stressful event. And lowering the effects that stress might have on the body, learning alternative ways of coping

A counselor/psychotherapist can connect an individual who has such problems with personal development courses or individual. However, group therapy sessions are the best way.

In conclusion, I’m going to discuss how meditation helps in mastering skills of controlling mind and emotions. Firstly, meditation helps in eliminating negative thoughts, worries, and anxiety. Secondly, it lowers cortisol levels and improves our ability to cope with stress.

Similarly, meditation helps in controlling emotions, if one learned to control mind we can control our emotions as well. How we feel is directly proportionate to how we feel.

Above all, it keeps us healthy and increases self-awareness.

Author: Ojas Visen


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