Central Vista Project: Modi Government slammed by congress

On the Central Vista Project initiative, P.Chidambaram (Congress Leader) slammed the BJP government. He also sent out a few tweets criticizing the BJP. “BJP spokesperson charges Delhi government with spending crores of rupees on ads without using the money to improve health infrastructure,” he said in one tweet. Criticism is justified.”

P. Chidambaram giving statements on Central Vista Project
Credits: National Herald

“BJP government spending a small sum of Rs 20,000 crore for the Central Vista, including a modest new house for the PM,” he added in another tweet. Criticism is unjustified.”

Statements on Central Vista Project

Since the beginning, Congress is criticizing BJP for Central Vista Project. Moreover, in these crucial times, BJP should invest the money in improving health infrastructure. Perhaps, BJP has lost its priorities and has moved in the wrong direction. Congress further said the money should be used in Vaccination and Covid management.

Furthermore, Congress indicated that in light of the current situation, the Modi government should have focused on expanding vaccination coverage as well as providing oxygen and other necessary materials to the states. Instead, the Modi government is squandering people’s money by spending it on a personal vanity project in Delhi. Congress went on to say that this is an insult to the Indian people.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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