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Cheapest countries to visit: Currency value less than Indian Rupee

Everyone wants to have a world tour and visit different countries at least once in their lifetime. But sometimes we Indians cancel our plans because of the high expenses during traveling abroad. There occur restrictions in plans due to financial problems. Hence, to make this dream true, here I am presenting some beautiful countries which will be cheapest for you. Their currency value is less than that of the Indian Rupee and is worth visiting. So, save them till you see them without burning holes in your pocket!


So, Here are nine cheapest countries with their description and currency comparison with Indian Rupee:


Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko with cherry blossom in Yamanashi near Tokyo, Japan- Asian countries
Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko with cherry blossom in Yamanashi near Tokyo, Japan.

Japan is an island country in Eastern Asia. It is located in the northwest direction of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the Japanese culture has the perfection of beauty and technology. Also, you can enjoy their traditional food, food habits, and hot springs.

Places to visit: Mount Fuji, Imperial Tokyo, and Historic Kyoto

One Indian rupee amounting to 1.53 Japanese yens.


South Korea is an East Asian nation, It is situated on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. However, It is the first choice for martial arts lovers.

Places to visit: Changdeokgung Palace ,Bukchon Hanok Village and Lotte World.

1 Rupee = 16.52 South Korean Won.


Iguassu Falls is the largest series of waterfalls on the planet, located in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay- American countries
Iguassu Falls is the largest series of waterfalls on the planet, located in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Paraguay is a country situated in South America. Surprisingly, the country is full of adventure sports making it a destination with thrill.

Places to visit: Represa Hidroeléctrica Itaipú Binacional, Nissei and Museo del Barro.

1 Indian rupee equaling 83.31 Paraguayan Guarani


Chile is a situated in west of South America. Of course, this country is famous for its casual and relaxed culture. Also, The county offers an attractive vision of beauty.

Places to Visit: Torres Del Paine National Park, Santiago, and Valle de la Luna And The Atacama Desert

One Indian rupee = 10 Chilean pesos.


Hungary is  situated in Central Europe. Indeed, this country is rich in its natural beauty with many natural parks and reserves adding to its beauty.

Places to visit:

1. Budapest – The shining capital of Hungary

2. Szentendre – An artistic getaway in a quaint city

3. Eger – A city with a bloody history and blood-red wine

1 Rupee equaling 4.12 Hungarian Forints.


Iceland is a Nordic island country. It is set within the North Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, you can enjoy the natural beauty and the historical monuments and have a fun outing with your partner.

Places to Visit: Whale Watching, Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon Grindavík, and Spectacular Geysers

 One Indian Rupee equaling 1.72 Icelandic Krona.


Costa Rica resides in Central America. Indeed, It is a country famous for its rich bio-diversity, flora, and fauna. Also, the environment of this country is full of of greenery and cleanliness.

Places to visit: Puerto Viejo, Cahuita and Arenal.

1 Indian Rupee = 8 Costa Rican Colons.


Victoria Falls – Zambia and Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in the Southern African continent. Surprisingly, its beaches and picturesque beauty make the country a perfect tourist destination.

 Places to visit: Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls National Park, and Victoria Falls Bridge.

1 Rupee = 5.40 Zimbabwe Dollar.


Algeria is an Islamic country is situated in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The country is a perfect combination of rural beauty and urban cities showing the true Roman culture. However, it is just a few miles away from the European nations.

Places to visit: Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, Kasbah of Algiers and Basilique Notre Dame d’Afrique

1 Rupee equaling 1.63 Algerian Dinars.

Although we have covered the best nine cheapest countries to visit than India. But there exist a lot of other countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos etc. to be discovered!

AUTHOR: Aashi Bansal

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