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Claustrophobia: How it strengthens with the arrival of COVID

Claustrophobia is not a word but a feeling that freezes the souls of innocents. It causes anxiety, panic attacks, and whatnot.
The suffocation that small enclosed spaces are beyond tolerance. Yet, this is not for all.
Those who suffer from claustrophobia experience their nightmares in the daylight.

Claustrophobia is not a word but a feeling that freezes the souls of innocents. It causes anxiety, panic attacks, and whatnot.

Approximately, 5% to 10% of humans in the world suffer from this problem.
Unfortunately, it is taboo in societies worldwide.
The inability to share it with your close ones can worsen it.
Yet, the situation of COVID has raised the number of patients.

The year 2020 came with a bombshell to the human race. To survive, people were forced to lock themselves within the protection of 4 walls.
While that period turned out a way to re-energize the souls for a few. Others felt through the
the trauma of suffocation.

Practically, claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed spaces. It varies from holes to crowded places.
Plus, it is just a feeling of anxiety that makes them something is wrong. Otherwise, everything in
the room is normal.
A claustrophobic mind keeps getting the signal as if it is in danger. The danger he/she shall not
be able to escape. Subsequently, panic attacks become part of their daily routines.

How COVID has escalated the pace of Claustrophobia?

COVID has confined brains in a shell.

Surely, it is no magic. The fact that people couldn’t step out of their houses is the major reason.
Humans have evolved through generations. What remains is the need to live in proximity. Individuals cannot live in isolation.

COVID has confined brains in a shell. Inversely, a few brains became a lot productive.
Whatever segment one may lie in, everyone has realized the sense of fear.
Although, those who have never experienced it shall not be able to relate. Still, one can be
sensitive towards others’ feelings.
The fact that COVID has multiplied the potential of claustrophobia still haunts the lives of many.

Above all, there is the least scope normalization yet. With uncertainty in minds, one shall not ignore their health. Mental health is equally important.

Moreover, the fear doesn’t end in confined to indoor areas. Instead, it continues to extend in crowds, lifts, and various other outdoor places.

Moreover, the fear doesn't end in confined to indoor areas. Instead, it continues to extend in crowds, lifts, and various other outdoor places.

Since not many people are not aware, the medication is still limited to an extent.
However, if one wishes for medical help, it must be there around you.
Calm down and reverse your unsolicited panic and anxiety attacks. Though the best is to seek
help from a counselor. Still, if you are stuck at home, you must try these to ease the situation.

Breathe In and Breathe Out!

Leave the phone aside:

First and foremost, just keep the cell phone aside. Spend some time
with your loved ones. If you live alone, then look out for the activities you like.
It won’t be easy since that fear is constantly there in your head.

Notes and Clarification:

Whenever you experience such a feeling, you must make notes. Try
to come with rational clarification. So, next time your brain must be immune to find that toxicity.


Meditation is one of the best techniques to fight claustrophobia. The amount of
difference you might go through after this must be exceptional. Initially, you can look out for free
sessions. Else, you can directly approach an expert.
Based on my personal experience, ‘Atom’ proved to be a great solution to relieve my stress. You can also give it a try!

Do not sit in one place:

As you cannot step out of the house, the best you can do is change
your spots. If there is a hectic schedule to follow, follow it by switching places in your house.

Remain Hydrated:

Just hydrate your body and stay relaxed. It is not some sort of medication.
Perhaps helping your body be healthy and fit shall give you the endurance to fight the fear in

Never Ignore:

Ignorance or avoidance of this might ignite the fire to the condition. It might be
helpful for a while. Its after-effects will never be satisfactory. You need to look out for permanent
Nonetheless, the objective of all these techniques is to keep you busy. The more bush you are,
the more strength you gain to win over your fears.

Most Important,

Seek Help:

There could be several ways to cure your anxiety. Your decisions to cure and calm
yourself might not be right. So, seek professional help. The way they can analyze your
condition, no one shall be able to.

These are a few mind-calming tips that can aid you. In order to come out of your claustrophobic
These shall not be easy. Important is to remind yourself of the green lush garden you miss. Certainly, it might take time, but your good time is waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel.

Indeed, you are steps away from ending a claustrophobic relationship.

Author: Mansi Goel

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