The compressor industry plays a vital role to help India meet the oxygen requirement.

India’s requirement for liquid medical oxygen was 700 metric tonnes per day. It was before the pandemic had begun. This data is by industry estimates. At the peak of the first wave, the requirement was around 2,800 metric tonnes. During that time, India was reporting more than one lakh cases daily.

Currently, India is facing the second wave. Cases since April’21 crossed the three-lakh mark daily. Hence, the requirement was of three-times more than the first wave. Roughly it stands to be around 8,400 metric tonnes per day.

But the medical oxygen allocated to the states was around 6,600 metric tonnes. As mentioned by the Union Health Secretary.

Thus, we see an acute shortage of oxygen. Moreover, the surging number of cases created panic among citizens. Everyone rushed to the hospital. Though the World Health Organization says that 80% are mild cases. It is around 20% that needs medical oxygen support and ICU Beds.

The hospitals faced a rush of patients. The supply chain got disturbed. The demand in cities was more. Namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, and Bangalore faced the maximum shortage.

The shortage persisted, it was necessary to take steps.

Elgi Equipements, a compressor manufacturer company came to the rescue. According to Jairam Varadraj, the Managing Director, the company boosts to threefold to manufacture medical-oxygen.

In an interview with the Hindu, the Managing Director also added a few points:

First, the company is looking at this situation as a social responsibility and not a business model. Second, the company is trying to supply as much as possible. Compressors play a key role in oxygen-generating plants. Although the demand is expected to settle down in another three to four months.

Overall, compared to the last year, the consolidated sales grew by 5%. Also, the consolidated profit after tax for 2020-2021 was 102.49 crore. The year before it stood around 42.57 crores.

Medical oxygen is an urgent requirement. Compressors have a key role in generating medical oxygen. Also, an Indian manufacturing company is driving the responsibilty.

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