CM Narayanasamy resigns! Congress loses Puducherry

Congress loses Puducherry!

Trouble started for Congress after Four resignations, 2 in January and 2 last week!

Congress loses Puducherry soon after LG Kiran Bedi was removed from her Position
CM Narayanasamy  in Assembly(File Photo)

22nd February 2021, After days of turmoil, Congress loses Puducherry today! The Government lost its majority after 2 more MLAs resigned on Sunday. The no. of MLAs required for majority is 14. But, Congress has only 12 MLAs now!

Last Sunday, the opposition asked for a trust vote from the CM. It was because of the resignations that took place in the past. CM Narayanasamy  failed the floor test. Thereby, the government collapsed! It’s just months before the polls- that will take place in May this year.

In the speech delivered before handing in his resignation, Mr Narayanasamy accused the opposition. According to him,  BJP and NR Congress plotted to dismantle his government. He also blamed former Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi for working with the opposition. Earlier, after disputes with Narayanasamy, Kiran Bedi was removed from the position of LG. She had been the LG of Puducherry for 4 years now!

Now, since Congress has lost power. Then, NR Congress- led alliance, with 14 MLAs, might form the government. However, with just a couple of months to the General elections, President’s Rule may even be called on. Yesterday, two more MLAs had resigned. Congress MLA Lakshminarayanan and DMK’s K Venkatesan walked out of their parties. Initially, two MLAs had quit in January. Both of them joined BJP. Now, it is suspected the 2 MLAs, who resigned recently, will do the same !

The CM called it a conspiracy that Congress loses Puducherry. According to him, it was under ‘Operation Kamal‘ of BJP. Surely, the congress collapse will benefit BJP in the elections coming up in the southern states. Also, if the LG calls NR Congress to form a government, then, BJP will be in the ruling coalition.

Though, this has come as a great damage to Congress’s power in the South. Still, it is a ray of hope for BJP, which is looking forward to spreading its influence even in the South.

Author: Apexa Rai

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