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Coronavirus second wave in India – A myth or reality?

Corona bloody virus. Yea, it is not funny. Coronavirus changed everybody’s lives since the day it started. Apparently, the current yet ugly number of people infected with this virus in India is 11.8M. Additionally, 11.3M are recovered and 161k people have died so far.

Second wave of Coronavirus

According to some reports, the coronavirus second wave has started spreading in India. Moreover, the coronavirus’s second wave can be more dangerous than the first one. The covid-19 cases are rising again at a swift speed in India. As a result, two states have already hit the mark of daily high records of the cases.

This image shows Coronavirus

We all know that the vaccination drive has also started. Despite this, we can see the increment in daily cases. As a result, the second wave can be more dangerous than the first one.

Since October, on Thursday i.e 25-03-2021 India recorded almost 60k new cases. These are the highest in a single day. Moreover, this second wave is giving us a huge number of cases since we have controlled the first wave in November 2020. The worst affected states are Maharashtra and Gujarat. Despite this, Punjab is also very near to break its previous records.

Apparently, reports show that the Indian outbreak has again started spreading geographically.

Personal Views

Having said that, try to stay home as much as possible. Please take all the necessary precautions. Moreover, follow all the guidelines given by the government. Use proper masks and maintain social distancing.

Stay strong, safe, and healthy!

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

Featured Image Credit: Global Prime News

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