COVID-19 : How Our Lives would be after Pandemic

We all are aware of how Coronavirus has created havoc worldwide. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected our lives in all aspects adversely- be it professional, personal, economical, and mental.

COVID-19 has changed our outlook as it has introduced us to a whole new world where individuals are now respecting each other’s private bubble and are not taking their lives for- granted.

Mankind is on the edge of revising their deeds.

We are at the beginning of the end, waiting for a new beginning

When we heard of this virus, no one ever thought that it would make the whole world to a standstill. The lockdown lasted for 75 long days with certain guidelines. Like maintaining social distance, covering faces with masks, and using sanitizers. Although only a few people stepped out of their homes and they felt really overwhelmed. As they never- ever thought that a time like this will come.

The feeling was surreal.

However, we could see how news channels were always flooded with negative news only like getting updates of the cases in India and worldwide, migrants were stuck, people dying of hunger, mental illness were taking a toll on people’s health. There were some positives also- people introspected themselves, worked on themselves and their skills, took out time to pursue their interest, realized how mankind has been cruel to mother-nature.

Mankind realised that now it was payback time and for our mother- earth to heal.

No one ever thought how the quality of the environment would improve during these times, but the lockdown has just turned the tables. Rivers are now pure and clear. Therefore, One such example is of the Ganga River as industries were shut down and there were no releasing of blankets of pollutants.

The sky is clearer, Air Quality has reached to the mark of ‘satisfactory AQI’ in many parts of India.

Few people are desperately waiting for things to get normal. However few people have now realized that living with ‘Masks, Sanitization, Distancing’ is the new normal. Although this might be temporary, the impact on the lives of people is now permanent. They are now more cautious and conscious of their surroundings.

The life after COVID-19 will never be the same.

We all being trapped in our house are wishing to step outside where this virus doesn’t exist anymore.

Where people are not wearing masks and are together holding hands, meeting friends, and having their gala time.

We are wishing to finally close our rectangle screens and go to schools, colleges, offices to get out lives back together on the track.

We all want to explore places like cafes, markets, restaurants, etc. But as a whole, we all just want to step out of homes.

Some people want to explore every food’s street so that they can finally calm down their cravings, the foodies might even have tears in their eyes. After all, they are having the first bite of their favorite food. Some nature lovers are wishing to just go out in nature and cherish its’ little things again without leaving an inch of its beauty.

While some people would really be thankful that they surpass this difficult phase of life, they and their families are healthy and safe.

Children and youth who are in schools and colleges want to switch off those rectangular screens and meet their friends, play in parks, have lunch together, laugh together and Yes! Hug each other so tight that they might never want to let go or be apart from each other again.

This pandemic- COVID-19 was surely harsh and was a ‘Big’ turning point in everyone’s life. Maybe for some, it will be full of negatives and for some filled with positives. The lesson we all learned in this lockdown was to be in harmony with nature and yes! Of course to mankind.

The perfect way to conclude this phase of our lives:

Perhaps the earth can teach us as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive

By- Pablo Neruda (keeping Quiet)

Author: Varnika Narota

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