Covid-19 lockdown: Drug Gangs of Brazil

The first message popped up on WhatsApp. It said, “Stay home or else”.
It was a horrible warning by drug gang to the people of Brazil’s densely populated slums. In addition to this, it is not delivered by the federal government or state police. Contrarily, as mentioned it was being sent by a drug gang.
President Jair Bolsonaro criticizing lockdown measures for the pandemic. In spite of this, the country’s drug gangs have popped up to enforce social distancing.


“Whoever is caught on the street will learn how to respect the measure. We want the best for the population. If the government is unable to manage, organized crime resolves”. This was the message sent to the slums.
In addition to this, another message was: “We are on the streets taking risks so that you can sleep in peace, we leave our families to protect yours, so, then respect the order we have given.” It warned that for anyone caught on the street after 10 pm, “it will be bad!”


The covid-19 confirmed cases in Brazil are 2915 and 77 deaths on Thursday. Robert Muggah said as the government has failed to control the spread of the virus, we are afraid there will be a huge blast of new cases soon.

Moreover, this is an opportunity for drug gangs. Therefore, they are describing themselves as the last available option of defense from this chaos.
Many areas have no supply of water all the time. Thus, the lack of sanitization and water supply has raised a threat to them.
Marcos Vinícius dos Santos said here are very small houses and in that bundle of people’s lives. Moreover, if anyone catches the virus there is no place to get quarantine.
In spite of all these, a couple of people are worried about their low income and the impact this virus will have on them.
Even when gangs are imposing lockdown, despite this many people are trying to go to work. Most people are self-employed and are becoming concerned about how tomorrow will look like.


This pandemic is not over yet. So, don’t take this lightly. Take good extra care of yourself and your family members.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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