COVID-19: Salute to Our Team of Warriors.

As we all know we all have been going through a global crisis/ pandemic.

Front line warriors working the hardest to take care of people in these hard times like COVID-19. Doctors, nurses, and other health workers have become lifesaving heroes.

Receiving uncountable applause and praises from all over the world.

Health workers are dealing with huge numbers of patients. While facing a shortage of equipment and with the fear of becoming infected themselves. However, hundreds of doctors and nurses have died from COVID-19 and thousands of healthcare workers have become infected. Doctors and nurses are putting life in the line only to get us through this hard time. Most of them couldn’t even go back to their families as the virus spreads through close contact with the infected. It resulted in them staying in the hospital itself for a very long time.

The government is also doing there best to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

They imposed some strict rules like the closing of all the social gathering places like gyms, restaurants, malls, etc. A nation-wide lockdown at the very beginning of the virus spread helped in containing the virus. Also, gathering all the knowledge, testing the treatments which would be efficient for the cure, and stacking up with all types of equipment.

Also, our government also introduced the AROGYA SETU mobile application to educate citizens about coronavirus. Helping them to make more informed decisions amid the crisis. Although, the main motive of this app was to educate the citizens about even if they are in the red zone ( Areas or the hotspots classified as those with the high number of COVID-19 positive cases ) or not, so they could be aware of there surroundings.

Well, Not only just the government but also the general public and celebrities came forward bravely to help those in need.

As PM Narendra Modi introduced citizens with PM CARE FUND.

Many came forward to donate as much as they can to help the nation to go through this crisis. Its main motive was to provide the nation financial assistance, provide grants of payments of money which would further be used in stacking types of equipment, feeding the hungry, helping those who couldn’t get employment amid this pandemic.

Undoubtedly, Many celebrities also came forward during this pandemic. And the biggest example – Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who made his career by playing a villain. Well, now is being considered as a real-life hero in India. He has been helping thousands of migrants workers stranded all over the nation who were without any employment amid these crises and get them back home safely without any cost. Again, The Sikh community has come forward to help those in need without asking about any donations feeding thousands of citizens on daily basis and also giving their empty places to the Hospital to make COVID-19 facilities for the infections.

Humanity Heals Everyone

It was with the contribution of each one of us that we have been able to contain this virus as much as possible. Indeed, government, doctors, the general public, celebrities, and all complemented each other in such a way resulting in one of the highest rates of recoveries all over the world

Author: Varnika Narota
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