COVID Meal: A Token Of Humanity Given In Kolkata

The Second Wave of COVID-19 is hitting Kolkata hard. We all are quite aware of it. We are currently facing a time when people are running out of oxygen, hospital beds, and resources. Quite a number of us have tested positive and are getting locked in houses and starving to death. The fear of that deadly virus is so intense that your neighbor cannot even show the courage to come out of their homes. They won’t help you or feed you. This is the time when Kolkata finally mugs up the courage to give their token of humanity in form of COVID Meal.

The Start Of A Massive Drive

Towards the end of April, India witnessed the most horrific time of the century. At this juncture, no hospital beds were left to admit COVID-19 patients. No oxygen cylinder can save a patient in an emergency. Not much food is available to feed such patients. The attack of the virus was so sudden in this Second Wave that people became clueless about what could be done? Who to find? People started confining themselves at home and keeping others at bay. Obviously, the reason behind it is that this virus is contagious. Even a little lack of distance can affect you.

Act Of Humanity

As selfish creatures, they only started caring about themselves and their related families, forgetting all their lessons of humanity. Despite knowing all the pros and cons of the virus, Kolkata people couldn’t shut themselves in at home. Therefore, they started a drive of food delivery. In this way, home-cooked food got served to all the needy and old COVID-19 at a low or no cost. Homemakers of Kolkata started taking the initiative to cook nutritious food for COVID-19 patients and get them delivered at their doorsteps. 

Contribution Of Social Networking Sites

During this hour of crisis, various social networking sites act as a boon for all of us. This unique drive of COVID meal got viral in a public forum on a large scale. Thus, each and every needy person got updated about it. The campaign got fragmented region-wise in Kolkata. Hence, no one is left without it. Kolkata people showed us that to do an act of humanity, you don’t always need vast-scale funding from foreign units or industries. If you have the will, you can start charity from your home. This fantastic initiative shook us all. As a result, many industries, celebrities, foreign units, and political heads stepped forward to be a part of it. 

Take Away

Here, I want to end with a note that, indeed, Kolkata made me proud once again with their unthinkable act of humanity. I am sure that Kolkata can or will never stop showing its charms to us, no matter what comes in front, to destroy us. 

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