Delhi Education Model: Bringing Quality Education To The Poor

Ever Since the AAP government was formed, Delhi’s Education system has seen an unimaginable change. The fact that Education is a basic need for all has turned around the scenario of Government-run schools in Delhi. The victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in the 2020 Elections, made the Delhi Education Model, the star of the show. Now, in the second innings, the AAP government looks forward to making the Education foundation strong as they’ve already strengthened the Foundations of Education.

The Basics Behind Delhi Education Model

Though, changing the basic education setup seems too much work, upon closer analysis, we can see it was done in certain basic fragments. Each fragment has its own role too. Below are the four major fronts where the government put its maximum effort.

Infrastructural Improvements

Delhi education models implementation

The first thing that the Delhi Government worked on was the Infrastructure of the schools. Old, trodden school buildings and the lack of basic necessities like toilets, water taps, etc. demotivated the parents as well as the teachers. The students too took less interest in going to a school which was in a dilapidated situation! 

To deal with such issues, the government has added new classrooms to the schools. Also, they have started some completely new pilot schools to aid and experiment with the process. The government has also appointed certain estate managers to keep a complete check of the infrastructural facilities in the schools!

Improving the Capacity of the Teaching Staff and the Principals

Good Teachers can obviously produce good students. Next, the workshops and training sessions were organized. This has been very beneficial for the teachers and principals. The teachers received capacity improvement under the teacher’s training program. While the Principals received workshops under the School Leadership Development Program. Thus, when the teachers improved, the parents were instilled with more confidence in government schools.

Questioning the School Managements

There are a lot of schools in the country lacking facilities like labs, libraries, etc. But, they too have hired lab assistants and librarians. Thus, making the school management accountable for the same. The government established School Management Committees to decrease the corruption in this process! Also, Mega PTMs are organized to have a productive talk between the parents and the teachers. This also helps in the all-around growth of the students.

Learning Outcomes and their Impact

Delhi has seen a complete revival of the Education System. Especially by improving the learning outcome. Organizing various campaigns and programs is one of the many new initiatives. Pragati, for example, is one such program. They create the best learning environment. Such programs make the students well prepared for the various difficulties in life.

Steps Taken to implement these

The Delhi Government has increased the budget allotment for Education. The percentage of total GDP that goes to the Education sector has been all high at around 25%. The Basic realization that Education is a necessity, not a luxury has been at the core of these reforms. The Delhi Education Board is looking forward to making the Education of the children more practicality oriented. The knowledge they gain will help them improve their critical thinking ability and their scope for scientific reasoning. The ‘deshbhakti’ and ‘happiness’ curriculum have attracted a lot of eyes towards the Delhi Education Model. 

The Education Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodiya still promises to keep up the improvement.

Hopefully, other states too shall take this exemplary renewal and work towards improving the quality of Education soon!

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