Depression : A silent Killer

At the time of this global pandemic, where we’re not able to depict what is next. This depression is taking control of the minds of people. Depression or depressive disorder is a state of mental illness.

In this condition, the brain starts releasing chemicals. These chemicals cause depressed mood, change in sleep schedule, etc. 

Depression is a blend of biological, psychological, and social factors. That affects our bodies as well as our lives.


Causes Of Depression

  Depression can be caused due to numerous reasons. Some of the major causes are listed below :

  •  Genetics: It is an inherited disease. In a family, if anyone has faced this problem. There’s a chance that their off-springs might have it. After many years also it can be shown in their child.
  •  Exploitation: Past experiences related to sexual or emotional exploitation can cause it. As bad thoughts of that incidence may start assassin a person’s mind.
  • Over-thinking: A person who mostly over thinks even on a small topic, has the chance of getting depression. Thinking a lot causes tension in the brains. Due to which our brain starts releasing hormones. That might act as a depressant for us.
  • Failures: Another big reason for depression in today’s world. The thought and result of failure overpower a person’s capabilities. He starts thinking that he is unworthy to do anything. This thought diverts there mind leading to depression.
  • Fear And Losing: Losing your loved ones. It causes an emotional hurt to the feelings of a person. As a result, of it, a person starts feeling lonely. That gives rise to depression.
  • Medical Treatments: Due to some medical conditions. When we undergo medical treatment. The intake of high dosage medicines results in the rereleased of certain depressing hormones. As a result of it, depression starts taking place.
  • Drugs: Intake of drugs releases depressing hormones in our bodies. That not only affects our mental health but also social lives. Leading to depression due to changes in their lives.
  • Stress: In today’s era where there is always a run among people. As a result, we start taking stress. Because we want to perform better than others. So we stress our minds to do more than our capability. At the end not able to bear stress ending up with depression.


Result of Depression

 Untreated depression is hazardous and can cost a person’s life also. Some of the consequences of untreated depression are :-

  • It can make a person addictive towards drugs and alcohols.  Because they’ll think that it’s the only solution to there problems.
  •  It can cause problems in there personal as well as professional life.
  • Some people lost their worth due to it. As they start underestimating themselves .
  •  It can cause health issuesSuch as sleep problems ,anxiety , mental disorders ,etc.
  •  When depression touches the height in someone’s life. They don’t find any reasons to exist on this earth . Finally ,leading to suicide at the end.  


Knowingly or unknowingly sometimes we might have become a reason for the depression in others’ life.

After reading the above line you might think that how? It’s not possible we’re so friendly towards everyone. So how?

  • Do you remember when you’re friend asked to help him in some easy work? You made fun of him by saying Oh! You don’t even know such an easy thing. Are you dumb or do you even have a brain?

The lines you said that time. You don’t remember right now. Might have become a seed for the germination of a depression plant in your friend’s life. He has thought you to be his friend who he would approach anytime when he needs any support. I guess that’s what we meant by the word ‘friend’? Being judged and made fun may have hurt his feelings and emotions at a root level. The stage at which we don’t even know that depression seed is being embedded in the soil like mind.

  • Have you ever ragged or bullied someone? Don’t say Yes, but it was casual just for fun, no offense for that. Great! Another time you sow the seed in another mind. That incidence which you think is just for fun. Might have become the accident of that person’s life. He might have not been able to recover from that trauma.
  • From the next time, he’ll be fearing from meeting people around. Because this time fear acts as a water to the seed sown of depression.

 Now from the above instances, you might think that, Yes I have done something which could lead to danger in others’ life. As an atonement, you can apologize to that person. Talk to him, make him feel better, and try to remove that seed you sowed.


Methods to cure depression
  •  Try to meditate in the day for some time. That helps in developing inner peace. Moreover, releasing of happy that is positive hormones in the body.
  •  Try taking therapies after consulting the therapist. It’ll help in your mental growth.
  •  Try to maintain a routine. That will help you to figure out your aims and goals. Diverting your mind towards good instead of depression.
  •  Eat healthy as well as exercise daily. That will not only help your physical fitness. But also helps in strengthen mental fitness.
  • Explore something that you love to do. All in all, just find activities that help in boosting up your mood.

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