DigiBoxx: India’s cheap and best cloud storage platform

PM Narendra Modi never fails to surprise Indians in any form. We know that “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, a beautiful initiative started by him. Yet again he stunned us by launching DigiBoxx.

To all those who are wondering what is DigiBoxx? Digiboxx is an Indian storage and management platform. NITI Aayog launched it lately. The reason being, they want to promote the initiative of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Image is of DigiBoxx

DigiBoxx is a primordial digital management and storage platform which was initially planned to get launched on 15 August. Nonetheless, it has very affordable pricing for individual users. However, it also comes with different pricing for enterprise users. Moreover, the DigiBoxx team said that the data of users will be stored in India only. However, for the time being, the service is for Android users and Web but iOS support is coming soon.

NITI Aayog’s CEO Amitabh Kant launched it. Mr. Amitabh was working day and night to give us the most affordable cloud service possible to date. However, App’s description claims that the files are encrypted at the database level and all the data will be stored in India only.

Features of DigiBoxx

image of digiboxx

Though there are ample of features here are some main and interesting one. Firstly, it allows users to share data using their mail id and mobile number. Secondly, it allows real-time access and editing to support bundles of sizes and formats. Additionally, it uses filters to organize data beautifully.

Subscription plans

DigiBoxx came out with ample plans which include monthly and yearly plans. The starting plan is Rs. 30 per month. Moreover, there is a free account as well which gives you 20GB default storage, 2GB maximum file size, Gmail integration, and unlimited external collaborations. The plan which is Rs. 30 includes 5TB of default storage and a file size maximum of 10GB. As far as SMBs are concerned, it comes with Rs. 999 plan which includes 50TB of default storage with 10GB maximum file size.

Finally, one of the great initiative taken by our government.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

Featured Image Credit: Only tech

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