Do we need Reservation system in India?

In this 21st century, everyone has an equal right to live, work, get an education, and many more. Even in our Constitution, we have seen that being an Indian citizen you have equal rights. Then, why Do we need a Reservation System in India?

caste system

Lets talk on this topic to understand it more clearly.

All this started from the time when brahmins were ruling, they have much respect and considered to be upper caste but, those who are non-brahmins like Adivasi, Cloth washers, toilet cleaners, daily wage workers, fishing, etc. As they belong to the Untouchability group and have many rules and also not allowed to enter the village without permission of the upper caste.

Although, They have to live outside the village and also not considered to enjoy any benefit of government rules. In fact, they can’t become part of any social event. With this in mind, that they are lower caste people and they don’t have any value.

But time changed and many problems take place in India to grow these backward castes So, that they equally become part of our Constitution.

The most Iconic personality who fought against these senseless rules and regulations was honorable Mr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar. He was a socialist, politician, economist, and Indian jurist who inspired the Dalit Buddhist movement. Also, he started many programs against untouchability and social discrimination and later on, become a Member of Parliament.


Introduction to Reservation System in India

To grow the weaker side of our country, the Retention system takes place. Under this system, weak sections get a seat to get equal rights like brahmins, zamindars, etc. In the colleges, schools, hospitals, government jobs, sports, politics, etc. they get pass or seat and show their skills.

But, this system doesn’t need to exist in this era. Because it is creating many loopholes for those who are untalented and don’t have the potential to grow.

Between all this, the real gems of India didn’t get the right opportunity.


With this in my mind, all I need to say that those who actually have that potential, a skill can create their identity on their own. They don’t need any help from this system to grow.

Finally, Problem leads to invention. No barrier can stop you to rule this world.

Authored by: Rashmi Sharma

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