Dost for life: An app by CBSE for stress relief of students

“Dost for life” is an app launched by CBSE lately. The students are dealing with stress and CBSE has come up with a new app to developed by the CBSE board to relieve the students from stress.

Reason for stress among students of CBSE

Dost for life app launched by CBSE
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We know that all educational institutions are closed. Online classes are going all over the world due to the pandemic situation. The students from all around the world are suffering due to sudden change in the learning environment that is the online classes.

How does students suffer due to pandemic and an app for solution

All the students suffer to cope up with the heavy syllabus and new teaching. This has left the students helpless and has disturbed their mental state. The CBSC board has addressed this is issue and came out with a solution. They have launced an app “dost for life” here both parents and the students can attend psychological counselling free of cost.

Addressing the stress issues faced by students in CBSE

Earlier on December 2020 Union education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank cited few points. He addressed about the mental health Issues faced by the CBSC students appearing for their final exams in the covid-19 situation. The minister insisted upon the need for the students to take care of their mental health. He even announced a toll-free number for helping students to come out of the exam stress.

Dost for life app by CBSE
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Advertisement on December 24th 2020 by the Education Ministry of India.

Dost for life: An app for stress relief for the students

As another step for this issue, CBSE has launched a new mobile app named as “dost for life”. It is solely dedicated for addressing stress and mental issues faced by the students and parents, while the final exams are going on. The exams started on May 4 and is scheduled to end on  June 7 for class 10 and June 14 for class 12 of CBSE this year.

This app addresses the mental issues students from class 9 to 12 and their parents and it is free of cost. Counselling sessions will be arranged every Monday Wednesday and Friday in two time slots when one is from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm IST and another slot from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm. One can choose any one from the two slots. This is a global app so any CBSC student from any part the world can enjoy the app.

Tips for the students to cope up with stress

Image depicting stress
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the steps taken, while dealing with stress and other mental issues it is in our hand to cope up with the situation and do the needful to manage ourselves here are few tip

  1. Take a good sleep- which is very important during the exams where you may not perform well in the exams if you didn’t’t sleep properly.
  2. Do some exercise- atleast for half an hour do some simple exercise and sit, relax and listen to your breath. This will do magic when you are writing exams by keeping you calm
  3. Eat healthy-avoid junk food and eat wisely. This will help your metabolism to function properly. And gives stamina while you write exams.
  4. Clean your room and don’t study in a messy environment. This will drain out your brain easily and creates stress.

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