“Don’t Blame the Butter for What the Bread Did”

Uhmmmm!! Generally, if we will ask anyone, I am fed up with my weight, how to lose it, what should I do, normally you will be advised to stop eating fatty food, eat less amount of food or do exercise, but all these things take time. But its human tendency, we humans don’t have patience we can’t wait for too long. So, now what to do? Don’t worry I have the solution, you can go for a Keto diet.

What is the Keto diet?

A low carb high-fat diet Keto diet or Ketogenic diet with lots of benefits to our health. Till now in other diet plans, we are advised to take less amount of carbohydrates and protein but in this diet’s case, it’s quite opposite. In a Keto diet, you have to take proper protein, 5% of carbohydrates, and around 70% of fat. Must be feeling a bit upside down, but this is true

How do Keto diets lose weight?

  • Due to fewer carbs in the Diet.
  • Breakdown of Proteins.
  • Loss of appetite by eating protein.
  • Break down of fat.
  • By increasing metabolism.

Many types of research show that it is very beneficial and quite effective as compared to other diets. And all this takes place without much hunger.

What can be eaten in Keto Diet?

Both Veg and Non-Veg can be eaten in the Keto diet. Egg, Chicken, Mutton, and Fish can be added in Non-Veg whereas Vegetarian tasters like leafy greens like spinach and Fenugreek should be consumed. In addition, high fat cream, butter, and cottage cheese for fat can be included in this diet.

What to be Avoided?

A Keto diet does not include grains. Not only this Sugar is also used less in this diet. Fruits like Apples, Bananas, and oranges are not included in this diet, and vegetables like potato and Aimee and are also avoided as they contain more carbohydrates.


Benefits of Adopting a Keto diet.

  • Keeps both your body and mind active.
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol and increases Good Cholesterol.
  • Lowers Sugar level.
  • Beneficial in Fatty Liver.
  • Reduces Blood pressure
  • Helpful for those who are suffering from Cancer, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Heart disease.

“Today Keto Diet is in trend not only normal people but celebrities are setting trend for Keto diet and giving inspiration to their fans”.

“Keto is like Marriage. It just doesn’t work if you cheat”

Authored By Akansha Gururani

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