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Controversial Fact about Mark Jacobs And Versace!

She said the family believed that Versace hadto be sold in order for the brand to “reach its full potential”. “We believe that being part of this group is essential to Versace’s long-term success,” she said. “My passion has never been stronger.

Versace was sold to Michael Kors and now the controversy as to who is better is at its pace.

As we all are aware about the downfall of the Revenue famous , exotic brand Marc Jacobs since 2015

Today, Marc Jacobs‘ retail revenue has decreased to $300 million, about half of what it was three years ago. The brand has been undergoing continuous restructuring and repositioning, per LVMH, as sales have been flat or declining ever since the contemporary diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs got the ax in 2015.

In recent years, Mr. Jacobs has left Louis Vuitton, shrunk his own business, shut dozens of stores and lost his longtime business partner. And what’s happening with that I.P.O.?

The main controversy here is that

Is Marc Jacobs facing a downfall??

Is Versace another big outline for fashion weeks??

In a recent interview, Luca Solca, the head of luxury goods research at Exane BNP Paribas, estimated that Marc Jacobs has been losing more than 50 million euros, or about $61 million, annually, for the past few years, with flat revenues over that time period.

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