Facts You Need to Know about”Love-Jihad” Law passed Lately

UP Government on Tuesday clears “Love jihad” law. The government said,

Those getting the conversion done in violation of the provisions of the proposed law would have to face a jail term of up to 10 years“.

Moreover, forceful conversion is an offence and is non-bailable.

On Tuesday, the UP cabinet passed a draft ordinance to check “Unlawful religious conversions” and “interfaith marriages”. This will result in jail for at least 10 years. A marriage will be declared “Shunya” (Null/Void) if the sole purpose of the marriage is to change a girl’s religion.

Debate on Love jihad

This decision is to take justice for women who were forced to change their religions. Moreover, more than 100 cases came in the highlight of forced conversion of the religion. However, the conversions were based on lies, force, and dishonesty. This for sure is heartbreaking. Singh said this law has provision for at least 5 years of jail and a fine of Rs. 15000. In addition, in a women’s case from ST or SC or a minor community, the person can face imprisonment for at least 10 years and will be charged with a fine of Rs. 25000.

Despite this, if there is a case of forceful mass conversion then jail up to 10 years. Also, the convict will be paying a fine of Rs. 50,000. In the latest interview, Yogi Aditynath said that ;

Either Love jihad should change their ways or get ready for their last and final journey.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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