Faith v/s Justice: No meat Tuesdays, act by the MCG’s

Recently the Gurgaon municipal corporation decided to shut down the meat shops in the city on Tuesdays. The decision was taken at the General Body Meeting. As some Counselors raised this as disrespect for Hindu beliefs.

How the whole act was made?

On 18 March 2021, the MCG in its house meeting unanimously voted. In favor of closing all the meat shops every Tuesday citing religious sentiments. Though the agenda of the meeting on that day was the enhancement of license fee from Rs 5000 to Rs10000.Also to nail down the illegal meat shops in Gurugram. Moreover, the whole decision of the meat shop closet on Tuesday was unplanned. But the corporation agreed upon it and implemented it in an impetuous way.

No meat tuesdays :Vinay Pratap Singh : MCG comissioner
Vinay Pratap Singh : MCG comissioner

Ideas of different people on no meat Tuesdays:

The BJP Councilor Ashwini Sharma raised this demand. According to him the sale and consumption of something like meat on Tuesdays are disrespectful to Hindu sentiments. Tuesday is such a great auspicious day for Hindus.

 In support of this, the BJP Councilor named Subhash Singhala agreed. He suggests that the meat shop must shut on Tuesday in respect of Hindu beliefs.

The MCG commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh disagreed with this thought. In response to this he said there could be people who eat non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays. Also to restrain the individual’s choice of food would be inappropriate.

But in the end, the whole house unanimously voted in favor of closing meat shops on Tuesday.

One of the human rights activist based out of Gurugram, Sameer Khanna says that:

 “In Haryana, Muslims have significant numbers only in Gurugram. The decision to keep meat shops closed on Tuesdays is aimed at creating a divide among Hindus and Muslims, who live peacefully. The BJP wants to turn a non-issue into an issue to garner Hindu votes,”

Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP and president of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) Asaduddin Owaisi also condemn this MCG’s decision. According to him, how can the beliefs of people get hurt by what other people are doing in their private lives? People are selling, buying, eating meat, they are not imposing on you to do so. Also, meat is food for millions of Indians so it is not something that can be treated as impure.

Conclusion :

According to my point of view in history, no major Indian state or city has ever passed such an order. Mostly in other states owners decide on which day of the week they want to shut down their shops. In the end, it should be an individual choice whether to have meat on Tuesday or not.

Already the meat vendors were not able to compensate for the loss they faced due to Corona in the previous year. Later on, people start having meat, then another news was out that bird flu spreads due to meat also. Hence, they again have to face losses and after the MCG’s decision, this loss face still continued.

Every religion has its special traits and rituals related to a specific day. Is it fair to segregate out the specific communities and connect their religious belief with food?

Despite living in a democratic country such acts and orders try to create a scenario of religious disbursement in the society. Hence, connecting religious sentiments with the food items is not justified.

Author : Kritika Agarwal

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