Farmers’ protest: Tikait’s tears incite farmers; Is the happy ending too far?

Farmers’ protest which lost its essence now is returning to its track. Following the massive protest that turned violent, many farmers and its leaders stepped back from the protest. 

However, an appeal from Rakesh Tikait ( Kisan Neta) has emotionally evoked the farmers to continue their struggle against the Farm laws.

an appeal from Rakesh Taikat ( Kisan Neta) has emotionally evoked the farmers to continue their struggle against the Farm laws.

The tears of Rakesh Tikait have been a major reason for the divergence of the farmers’ protest. Rakesh Tikait is the spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union. He expressed his pain and sorrow about how his fellow farmers are treated and beaten.


Media Arrest

Complaints filed against

  • Shashi Tharoor
  • Mrinal Pande
  • Paresh Nath
  • Mandeep Punia
  • Vinod K.Jose
  • Rajdeep Sardesai

Last night- According to the Indian Express report, An FIR has been filed against Shashi Tharoor and 5 other media persons. The case is for instigating violence through social media posts on 26 January. To this Yogendra Yadav, a human activist and eminent personality in farmers’ protest is angry and upset. He tweeted- 

While not only this but farmers are returning to the protest areas again. Moreover, this time the number increased and enthusiasm doubled up. In an interview with Mojo Story, Yogendra Yadav said- Now this is not just about the agriculture laws. Instead, about how the farmers are treated and how false accusations are thrown on the farmers. Even the farmers have returned after hearing the emotional words of Rakesh Tikait in their favor.

It all happened during a panchayat meeting wherein farmers met to decide their next step. Nearest Tikait the chief of Bhartiya Kisan Union called this meeting. 

  • Although, after the riots, every farm leader showed displeasure at what happened on the Red Fort. Further,they confirmed that no farmer was a part of it. 
  • A total of 16 party leaders showed complete denial. Also, they called off the 1 February parade. This parade planned to be in front of the parliament. 
  • Yet, they declared a hunger strike. A way of agitation by the leaders on Martyrs’ day.
  • Clearly, a  divide is now easily visible. Parties are going their own ways to continue the protest.  Still, the aim of all remains the same.

It is crucial to understand what happened after 26 January. Resulting, the fire that was almost dead is blazing again. 

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Leaders denied involvement in the farmers’ protest

After the massive violent parade on 26 January, in the protest areas, an unpleasant silence was present. Many big farmers’ unions like Rashtriya Kisan Majdoor Sangthan, Bharatiya Kisan Union dragged themselves away from the heat of the previous day’s violence. 

  • Approximately 25 FIRs were filed by the Delhi Police. 19 Protestors got arrested.
  • Following escalated tensions, there was an internet ban. 
  • The police force was increased.
  • Farmers after notice from around 20 districts started returning. 
  • The Red Fort was declared closed for the public from 28 -31 January.
  • Besides, the leaders clarified that their members won’t participate in the 1st February protest. Rather, they will just continue with a one-day hunger strike on Martyrs’ day. 

Furthermore, the leaders called the entire violent parade an act to defame their protest. Regarded it shameful and considering it as a responsibility, they called off the 1st February parade.


Division in the Farmers’ Unions

After clarifications from the various unions, there seemed a division. A division of unions and their thoughts. 

Everything was getting clear but security was still maintained. When the farmers’ protest was getting silent. Meetings were going in various states. The one in Uttar Pradesh is the main highlight. Naresh Tikait, the brother of Rakesh Tikait even mentioned, if required he will go to Delhi for the protest. While many leaders and even his brother could have been arrested anytime.

Simultaneously, the other leaders were planning their ways to continue the protest.

On the other hand, the localities of nearby villages entered the barricaded borders. They demanded protesting farmers to empty the place. Although, the protest areas were sealed and protected. The crowd easily breaking the blockades enters the premises of Singhu border. The police appeared to have no control over the mass. Consequently, a clash between the locals and farmers caught up. 

Several police officers and farmers got injuries. Despite strict security everything posts, its control.

Again, claims are that those were not just locals. Goons made their way into the crowd and tensed the situation.

Claims are that – BJP supporters or close alliances were also present. Claims are- Injuries to the farmers were by them even.

Whatever happened lately on this day triggered the situation.  Rakesh Tikait speaking in an interview emotionally busted. He expressed his feelings- He can’t see how his fellow farmers injured.

Majorly, that very tear of Tikait aroused his supporters. The farmers started going back to the borders for protest. 

Earlier only Punjab and Haryana farmers participated, majorly. Now farmers from UP, Uttarakhand, and various other states routed to Delhi. 


Another U-turn in the farmers’ protest

Farmers now streamed to Delhi, India. This time with more enthusiasm. 

Farmers now streamed to Delhi, India. This time with more enthusiasm.
  • On this date, clear Political involvement shall be seen.
  • To narrow the tension and protests. The internet was still banned in various districts and Delhi. 
  • The water tanks were denied entry even now, but now AAP (Aam Admi Party) came to the rescue.
  • AAP leaders have openly supported the farmers’ protest. 
  • Above all, the Water supply was assured by the AAP Party.
  • This surely eased the problems and boosted the farmers’  confidence. 

On this, Rakesh Tikait also tweeted-

Since then the farmers are moving towards Delhi. The crowd was now increasing. 


Restart of the farmers’ protest

The supporters of Tikait and various other unions who left the protest joined again. 

  • Security still heightened with the internet ban. More suspected farmers arrested. The only major change was the reverse increase of farmers on the protest site. 
  • This time the farmers won’t leave this easily, the farmers asserted.
  • They understood and accepted whatever violence occurred was highly unacceptable, but the pain of their fellow farmers brought them their back. Tikait’s supporters felt empathy towards him and promised to now stand strong with the protest.
  • Additionally, another twist occurred. Anna Hazare who promised to go on a hunger strike called it off. His protest was not majorly against the farm laws. Else, it was for his ignored demands to bring reforms in the agricultural sector. He declared on 27, to start his protest from 28. Eventually, now a committee will be set up for his proposal, he has called it off now. 

Undoubtedly, a major set of events have taken place since 26 January. Perhaps, this has halted the economic condition of nearby villages and laborers. It is sad to see the loss of the nation. When things look against the farmers, questions are turning towards the government too. 

As it is hampering the nation and its international image. India is getting recognition globally. Sadly, the nation is also in the news for many wrong reasons.

Right now it is important is to reach a mutual conclusion.

Author: Mansi Goel

Reference: Indian Express

Featured Image credit: Rediffmail

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