Father Stan Swamy Undertrial -Human Rights Violated

Why Father Stan Swamy is deprived to basic health necessities like straw, sipper and winter clothes. Isn't it violation to rights.

Stan Swamy, 83  accused of the Bhim Koregaon Case and involvement with the Maoists. Hence, authorities arrested him in the case in October. He is a patient with Parkinson’s Disease. Therefore, has been requesting Straw, Sipper, and Winter Clothes.

Initially, ignorance and still a delay in providing such basic necessities have been there by the National Investigation Agency.

About Stan Swamy 

Full Name– Father Stan Lourduswamy S.J.


Tribals rights activist

Indian Roman Catholic Priest

Member of Jesuit Order 

The Petition Filed by Stan Swamy 

On November 6, petition filed by Stan Swamy requests for Straw, Sipper and  Winter Clothes.

Parkinson’s Disease affects the nervous system and causes difficulty in bodily movements. Also, the chilling winters surely are going to be difficult for him at an age of 83. Indeed, his petition requirements seem justified.

The National Investigation Agency initially delayed 3 weeks in responding. Further they stated that they didn’t have his belongings. Lately, after stating that the response to the same will be after 20 days,it is still stretched to December 4.

About The Case 

Father Swamy is the oldest who is charged of terrorist involvement in India.

Mr. Swamy was arrested under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act in the Bhim Koregaon Violence Case. Besides, his links to Maoist (Communist Party Of India) are alleged.

In a video recorded by Mr. Swamy anticipating the arrest:

He showed complete denial of the allegations. Furthermore, he cited that he was not in Pune and never participated in the act accused. He showed readiness to cooperate with the Investigation Agency.

However, requested to continue interrogation through video-conference due to the instability of his health. Nonetheless, the denial and delay to petition don’t seem to make justice.

Someone who is undertrial – not given the basic things like straw, sipper and winter clothes is surely harsh and not at all democratic. Important is that how much time does Father needs to wait for his basic rights to reach him.

Many activists and supporters have been supporting Father Stan Swamy. No prior criminal records against him also adds weightage to his claims.

With arrest of Father Stan Swamy, a huge mass of supporters is seen flagging  to free him.

Not just that, but other activists arrested in various cases have claimed similar issues. An ignorance to request for winter clothes.

Earlier, Dr. Kafil Khan’s case also went the same way. The harsh treatment and false accusations smothered the innocent citizen.

Ironically, the person who fights for Human Rights has to sacrifice his own rights.

Author: Mansi Goel

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