Fukushima Plant: Japan will release Radioactive water by 2022

Japan, the Fukushima power plant’s radioactive water to be relaesed ,by 2022, in the Pacific river.

A huge wave of concern and criticism has hit the Japanese government.

About: Japan’s radioactive water release

Japan will release One million tonnes of radioactive water in the Pacific river.

Originally, the water was highly radioactive.  However, the government has assured that the water is treated. All radioactive elements have been removed, except one. The one element is tritium.

Tritium is an element that is nearly impossible to remove from water.

Indeed, an alternate to dilute water is the only feasible solution.

That is why Japan will release the diluted water in small quantities.

Even, International Atomic Energy Agency has approved the decision to release the diluted form of the water.

As it is supposed to be diluted below the standard of safe drinking water

Moreover, the agency has said that it is similar to any other disposal of other waste in the world.

When everything looks fine enough, the decision continues to receive criticism.

The fishermen of Japan are concerned. South Korea and China, the neighboring countries of Japan have shown deep concern. Also, environmentalists and other NGOs have raised questions about the plan.

What’s Concerning?

  • The contaminated water can harm the organisms in the river.
  • Above all, it remains a health concern as it can potentially contaminate drinking water, sea animal’s lives.
  • Fishermen concern that consumers won’t buy fish in that region.
  • Earlier, when the incident took place it was difficult for them to regain assurance of their consumers. 
  • The success of the entire plan is still a question.

Surprisingly, the US has supported the Japanese government. It is due to the transparency maintained by them. Additionally, the plan met the requisites of international standards.

Therefore, the US has extended its support of words.

The government has tried to store water for almost 8 years. Now, the capacity of the Fukushima Plant’s water tank is decreasing. Further, the capacity will be at its height till 2022.

So, the strategy is to to dispose of water in small quantities by 2022.

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