Glacier outbreak in Chamoli, Uttarakhand; flashflood in DhauliGanga valley

According to the information received, a glacier broke out into the DhauliGanga valley of the Joshimath area. As a result, the water level of the river increased. The calamity has occurred in the Tapovan area of Chamoli district. Because of the drastic event, many folks are missing. Around the same time as the glacier outbreak, 50 laborers(approx.) were working at the RishiGanga hydroelectric power project.

Also, the glacier outbreak ruptured a dam of the Tapovan power project. As per recent reports, the dam has been washed away. The ITBP and additional forces departed to save the resident villagers.

The glacier outbreak  has triggered a flashflood leading to the disappearance of 150 laborers

Haridwar and Rishikesh districts of Uttarakhand are under red alert now. Although, they are not affected by the calamity.

Above all, the glacier outbreak triggered a gigantic flood. Many houses on the banks in Reni Village near DhauliGanga overflowed with floodwaters. Moreover, the local police have issued a message for the people residing on the riverside of Alaknanda. They have warned them about the glacier outbreak and to relocate as soon as possible.

The police have also stated that the Rishiganga Power project has received severe damage.

Glacier outbreak- What is administration saying?

Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat is the CM of Uttarakhand. He has validated the occurrence of the glacier outbreak. Furthermore, police and disaster relief groups are instructed to take control of the situation.

The government is taking all necessary steps

Mr. Rawat, CM of Uttarakhand

SN Pradhan is the Director General of NDRF. He stated;

The glacier breach has impacted the Rishiganga river and flooding has taken out one bridge being constructed by BRO. The upper reaches of the Rishiganga project also has been damaged. Chamoli, Joshimath and other downstream reaches will be affected.

Further, He informed about the deployment of the SDRF team and the moving of the NDRF team from Dehradun to Joshimath. In fact, they are planning to perform airlift for 3-4 teams. It will initiate from Delhi to Dehradun and then to Joshimath.

Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi has tweeted and prayed for everyone’s safety.

Recent updates

Reportedly, three dead bodies are recovered. Still, over 150 are missing. There are possibilities that 100-150 may have died.

Scientists have claimed that the disaster was likely caused by an Avalanche. Glacier outbreak was not the real reason.

10-02-2021; Number of causalities rises to 32. More than 170 people are missing.

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