Google Photos slam End- Users; No More Free Unlimited Space

google photos will provide no more unlimited free space

Starting from June 1, 2021, Google Photos will end its unlimited free space feature. All in all, free space up to 15 Gb will be available for users to store and backup their data.

 Although, when space seems to be restricted, it depends upon the quality of photos.

Google Photos:Current Features

Currently, Google Photos offers unlimited storage for Express quality and High quality. But for the Original quality shared across google platforms still provides up to 15 GB only along with additional space with Google One.

What After June 1, 2021

Google workspace

In the Future, the Express quality and High-quality storage will also be calculated in Google Account storage.

Purchase Or Manage Your Google Photos Storage

If the users exceed the storage limit they can subscribe to Google One for $1.99 or 148.48 Rupees. Storage of 100 GB extra space for a month will be accessible to the users.

Users can also delete the pictures to free up space and use the limited 15GB space. Through Google One App one can free up and manage their Google space.

Estimate Your ( Google Photos) Storage

screen shot of storage left in google photos

Despite the unlimited space restriction, Google assures that it will take years for the free space to completely exhaust its limit.

Also, provides a feature to calculate how long space will last for specific individuals.


Importantly, the users of Pixel devices will still avail of unlimited space. This is only for those who already have Pixel devices.

In addition to the purchase of extra space, users will be benefited from extra Google expert features like.

Lastly, Google has detailed its users. Hence, mentioning that photos backed up prior to June 1, 2021, will not be included in 15 GB limited space.

Instead, content before the declared date won’t be affected. But after that, if the user is already over the storage limit, the content will be affected.

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