Government dissolve in Nepal amid deadly second wave of the Covid-19

Amid the deadly Covid-19 second wave spread, the Nepal President has decided to dissolve the Government in Nepal as there all the parties failed to show majority to form a strong Government and so the President has took the decision to dissolve the Government amid deadly Covid-19 crisis.

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Firstly, the President of Nepal is Bindhya Devi Bhandhari. By the recommendation of caretaker Prime minister Oli, she has announced the election by November 2021.

Also, as per article 76(7) of Nepal Constitution, on May 22nd 2021, the president of nepal has issued this announcement.

All the parties in Nepal failed to prove their majority to form a government. So the President has taken this decision. The elections will be held in two phases respectively on November 12th and 19th  of 2021.

What is article 76 in Nepal Constitution

Article 76 has turned into a controversial one amid the parliament.

What actually happened in Nepal

Both the opposition party leader Mr.Sher Bahadur Deuba and the caretaker Prime Minister KP Oli failed to show majority to form a government. Hence the President of Nepal has decided to dissolve the current government and announces poll by November of this year 2021.

The pandemic covid-19 condition in Nepal

Nepal is ranked 9th in rate of daily new corona cases increase rate. There are 193 new fatalities in a single day today.

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The covid-19 has heavily affected the Nepal people. There are 115547 active cases in Nepal as of now and the graph is still in ascent and has not yet saturated. The vaccines used there are Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, BIBP Vaccines.

India stopped exporting vaccines and oxygen supplies to Nepal as there was very much demand for it inside the country. Due to this also Nepal is facing a heavy second wave and is trying other ways to fulfill oxygen and vaccine needs


Both constitutionally and medically Nepal is facing a hard time. There is no medical facilities available for all the people and also the government which should guide the people in such pandemic is also unruly. There must be some aid given to the people and the raising fatalities number in Nepal needs to be controlled.

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